Reebok Graphlite Pro – One Of The Best Trainers Is Coming Back!

Just when I though that Reebok are pretty much done with the retro market and they are coming back so strong that no one, even myself, was not expecting to see this one coming. Almost two years a go, as a part of my Monday Morning Treat series, I wrote an article about one of my all time favorite training series from Reebok that came in the early 90’s, the Graphlite Pro.

To sum it up, I can say the Graphlite Pro started in 91-92 with the first generation, which immediately became an instant hit among the fitness and cross-training community, I remember the model on display and thinking how great it looked and how well the design was going with the colorways that Reebok created. I still remember a friend of mine buying the black and purple pair and all of us classmates being supper happy for him and admiring how great those kicks looked on foot.

An year later, 1993 Reebok came out with the second generation of the Graphlite Pro Low and really stepped over the first model in a very big way, again I remember looking at the model at the store and holding it in hand thinking how plush, colorful and lite they were. Now thinking back, its really hard for me to point out a favorite out of all the models throughout the first years in 90’s, but I personally owned the forth generation of the model and that’s why is probably my favorite, if I have to name a second favorite, that will definitely be the 93/second generation of the model.

Now after that long intro, lets get back in to it. I just saw that Reebok released a retro of the 1993 Graphlite Pro all over their European sites and I can only hope and pray that they will release them on the US market very soon, if so I will grab at least three pairs from it, I love it so much. To sum up the model I can say it featured the obvious Graphlite plate in the midsole and a Hexalite in the hill, there was a very cushioned padding around the hill and tongue, which in the second generation was not a separate tongue but all one booties, one of the signature new looks for the Pro. Other big difference with all other Reebok models was the separated from the upper vector logo and a great looking mixture of colors on the outside of the booties. Doing the currency conversion, I can probably say the price in the US will be $130-135, but again regardless I will grab at least few pairs. The official colorway of the retro is White/Enamel Green/Night Beacon/Black. Please stay tuned to the site for a possible release date over at the North American Market.

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