Quick Hits From The Jordan 31 Official Unveiling Live Stream

Jordan Brand officially unveiled the Jordan 31 today, via a live event/live stream from Las Vegas, Nevada at 6 PM Pacific.  For those who didn’t watch, here are some quick hits from the live stream.

-The Jordan 31 design process started 18 months ago.  The designer of the Jordan 31 was Tate Kuerbis, designer of the Jordan 18, 19.

-Kuerbis mentioned a meeting he had with Michael Jordan about one to one fit.  They were sitting in a new Ferrari of MJ’s, and Kuerbis was inspired by the Ferrari seats and their one to one fit.  Kuerbis stated he implemented similar “pods” inside the Jordan 31, most likely around the achilles area I presume (not confirmed)

-Russell Westbrook aka “No Chill” (DJ Clark Kent’s nickname for him) talked about weartesting the Jordan 31 and loving it.  He talked about the fly weave upper in the toebox and midfoot area and how it seamlessly blended into the synthetic leather heel which made for a great combination of materials that works on and off the court.

-Kuerbis also talked about the full length zoom they decided to implement this time (we haven’t had heel zoom since the Jordan 28) and how MJ still wanted the sneaker to be low to the ground for ultimate court feel like the Jordan 1, which the 31 is obviously inspired from.  The 31 looks to be aiming for that perfect balance between cushioning and court feel.

-Russ Bengston briefly mentioned that the 31 was a “$200” shoe, but didn’t say anything officially.  The 31 is set to release on September 3rd, worldwide.


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All images via Nike