America, F*CK Yeah. Puma Blaze of Glory RWB

Puma goes all out on these Blaze of Glory RWB (Red White and Blue) sneakers!  These should have released a week before the 4th of July, but since we have the Summer Olympics this year, you can cop these now and be ready for that. I thought these were a collab at first because of the dope execution, excellent work Puma.

Puma-Blaze-of-Glory-stars-and-stripes-6 Puma-Blaze-of-Glory-stars-and-stripes-5 Puma-Blaze-of-Glory-stars-and-stripes-4 Puma-Blaze-of-Glory-stars-and-stripes-3 Puma-Blaze-of-Glory-stars-and-stripes-2 Puma-Blaze-of-Glory-stars-and-stripes-1


via Rock City Kicks