What’s The Difference? Men’s / Kids / Women’s Ultra Boost Comparison Video

Wanted to do a comparison video between the GS size Boost, and Men’s and Women’s to see if there was a difference. While the description is very different between the 2 sexes of the shoe, the build quality is exactly the same on all including GS Kids size except a couple small changes. Unlike GS Jordan Retros, these are really close to the same build, even tho they don’t say Primeknit on the GS, they are.

Adidas sizing is very odd, not really the standard and depending on the model you can be off by a whole size.

If you are a Men’s size 9 – you can get a Women’s 10 to 10.5 and that will be the same size.

If you are a Women’s size 7, you can get a Kids GS size 5.5 and its the same.

If you are a Women’s size 7, you can get a Men’s size 5.5 and it should be the same roughly.

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