The “Shrek” N9000 is Next For Bait x Dreamworks x Diadora!

After a very successful “Kung Fu Panda” release, which our man Heskicks picked up (YouTube Review HERE), the 3-team collaboration project between Diadora, Bait, and Dreamworks is set to release their 2nd collab in the collection on this upcoming Saturday6/18/16 for $220. 

What animation movie are they drawing inspiration from this time you ask? This time around, it’s everybody’s favorite green swamp ogre Shrek.  The Diadora N9000 is currently one of my favorite silhouettes, so it is no surprise to me personally how great these came out.  The colors and materials chosen are pretty much a direct reflection of my man Shrek and his #OOTM. (outfit of the movie, sorry I had to lol)

Again, Bait will have these available to purchase on Saturday, 6/18/16 for $220. (toddler sizes available now for $80 HERE)  They currently have an online raffle going on as well, click HERE if interested.


Images via highsnobiety



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