Vans x Nintendo Collection Coming Soon

Dope!  I remember when the first Nintendo came out, it was amazing.  I played games before this time though, ColecoVision Vision, and Commodore 64 is what started me off. But when the first NES came out in the US, it was game changing, literally.  We couldn’t afford one until the prices came down, but once we got one, we rented games every week, and played until the break of dawn.

Enuf about me and my history however, the new Vans x Nintendo collection looks sick! Love the OG game theme that they have with Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong and more.  Very cool to see these dropping, which is your favorite of the releases?

Vans x Nintendo  collection should be dropping online on 6/3


FA16_M_SlideOn_NintendoBlk_Pair-ELEVATED-768x768 FA16_M_Hanelei_NintendoTieDyeMario_Pair-ELEVATED-768x768 FA16_Nintendo_M_ClassicSlipOn_SuperMarioBrosMulti_Pair1-ELEVATED-768x768 FA16_M_Classics_Sk8HiSlim_Nintendo_ConsoleGold_Pair-ELEVATED-768x768 FA16_W_Classics_Sk8HiSlim_NintendoConsoleGold_Detail2-ELEVATED-768x528 FA16_M_Classics_Sk8HiReissue_Nintendo_ControllerTrueWht_Pair-ELEVATED FA16_M_Classics_Sk8HiReissue_NintendoControllerTrueWht_Detail2-ELEVATED FA16_M_Classics_OldSkool_Nintendo_ConsoleDove_Pair-ELEVATED FA16_M_Classics_OldSkool_NintendoSuperConsoleDove_Detail2-ELEVATED Vans-Nintendo-5 Vans-Nintendo-4 Vans-Nintendo-3 Vans-Nintendo



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