2016 Nike Lunarglide 8 First Look

Well, all good things come to an end.  Here is a first look at the newest Nike Lunarglide model, version 8.  Depending on how you look at this, the era of the Lunarglide model has remained fairly consistent in years past with a slow evolution of the lunar materials as you can see below.  The Lunarglide 8 however is a huge change in aesthetics and midsole. The upper looks like the Pegasus model a bit, maybe mixed with the Air Max 2015, while the sole gimmicks the Nike Lunar Epic, which could be a good thing!  The part of the new sliced up midsole / sole that I don’t like is just imagine trying to clean these things if they get muddy, all the cut segments will be painful to maintain.

The other thing to note is in the Lunarglide 7 they added parts of the flyknit material to it, but not to the whole model or they might as well be called the Flyknit Lunars, so I think it is probably a smart idea to keep the materials separate on this model. What do you think about the new model? No release info yet, more to come.

Here is a comparison video from the Lunarglide 6 vs the 7:


Here is a video of the Lunarglide evolution, model 1-5

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