Reebok Pyro – Is Coming Back This Summer

Well just like that and out of nowhere, to my huge surprise, Reebok decided to bring back one of the most iconic, light and comfortable runner from 1992 the Pyro. This first generation of the Pyro was one of those sneakers that were introduced with minimum technology, but at the same time offered a great comfort provided by the light PolyLite midsole and the heel Hexalite, they were very low to the ground and most runners preferred them due to this fact and the overall low weight. Back when they originally released the Pyro was one of the cheapest running models from Reebok and I still remember a friend of mine buying a pair and giving them to me for a day to wear (it was really common back in the days for us kids that couldn’t afford multiple pairs like today) and they felt to me like I was walking on marshmallows, so soft, cushioned and responsive.

For years I was hoping that Reebok will start retroing those old classic models, but in the last few, I really lost any hopes seeing how many previously announced models were scrapped from their release catalog. Now I feel a little bit better, knowing that the Pyro is coming, in fact they are already released in some European online stores for the price of 89 Euro, which is very good in my opinion, I am expecting the same but in dollars when and if they find their way over at the North American market, I am definitely going to buy at least a few pairs. For now the colorways that were released are white, purple and black – white, green and yellow.

Reebok-pyro-V68690-01 Reebok-pyro-V68690-02 Reebok-pyro-V68690-03 Reebok-pyro-V68690-04 Reebok-pyro-V68690-05 Reebok-pyro-V68690-06 Reebok-pyro-V68690-07 Reebok-Pyro-V68691-01 Reebok-Pyro-V68691-02 Reebok-Pyro-V68691-03 Reebok-Pyro-V68691-04 Reebok-Pyro-V68691-05 Reebok-Pyro-V68691-06

Source – 43einhalb