Essential Nike Sneakers Part 2: Nike Flyknit Racer at @Footlocker

In part 1 of my Nike Sneaker Essentials, I covered the Flyknit Roshe NM, which is a staple for any sneaker consumer.  For part 2 I wanted to focus on another Nike that has a huge cult following, the Nike Flyknit Racer.

Designed by Rob Williams, the Flyknit Racer debuted in 2012, and instead of creating a “Flyknit Racer 2” and so on, Nike has created new colorways to the popular model each year and some colorways even getting a retro treatment, The intent of these sneakers are for running, however the Nike Flyknit Racer has become a modern day classic among sneaker lovers due to the comfort. The overall fit is narrow, but breaks in with wear, or you can go up .5 a size for wider feet.

So why are these a Nike essential? Similar to the Flyknit Roshe, these are very comfortable, but the fit is very unique in comparison. The Flyknit Racer has a low-profile zoom cushioning system for responsiveness.  The Flyknit has a single layer for extreme ventilation and flex and is reinforced with Flywire integrated into the upper. You can rock your pair with no socks if you choose, and these are the perfect summer sneaker to wear to on a boardwalk stroll or a beach-side run.

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