Nike Lebron 13 Gets A ‘Command Force’ Colorway

This is dope.  The Lebron 13 is getting a Command Force colorway makeover!  The Command force was a Nike Basketball sneaker that I really liked when I was younger, and was made popular for the movie ‘White Men Can’t Jump” and the Billy Hoyle character.  This colorway looks great, its a nice reimagination to the old colorway.

No release date yet, more info to come.

Nike LeBron 13 “Command Force”
Style #:

nike-lebron-13-command-force-02_a5kvw8 nike-lebron-13-command-force-05_o56031 nike-lebron-13-command-force-01_o5602u nike-lebron-13-command-force-03_o5602n nike-lebron-13-command-force-04_o5602g nike-lebron-13-command-force-06_o56028

Via SC