Detailed Look: Nike Lebron 13 Elite

The Nike Lebron 13 Elite is coming. The elite version offers better technology, advanced comfort, and improved materials used. A slight changed of design is offered, yet, still looks similar to the regular version.

Here, we see a detailed look of the Lebron 13 Elite. A long carbon fiber shank (which extends almost to the ankle area) is added while a notable change in material is seen on the upper. Take a peek below of the Lebron 13 Elite in red.

IMG_9659-950x631IMG_9676-950x631IMG_9677-950x631IMG_9679-950x631IMG_9682-950x631IMG_9693-950x631IMG_9694-950x631IMG_9695-950x631IMG_9696-950x631IMG_9697-950x631IMG_9698-1-950x631Source: ink3ufang

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