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Back in February, Diadora introduced a new viral campaign entitled “Make it Bright”.  This world-wide campaign emphasizes the joy of sports and taking on a sunny, upbeat, and most importantly bright approach everyday.

To set the standard for their campaign, Diadora took what would have been an ordinary event and turned it into an extraordinary one by making it bright.  Diadora selected 70 runners out of thousands of applicants, and delivered in nine days, fittingly by foot, one pair of shoes from Diadora Headquarters (located in Caerano di San Marco, Italy) to a lucky fan in Barcelona, Spain who was the first to  pre-order a new colorway of made in Italy Diadora N9000s.  Watch and read about the epic quest HERE.  The almost two minute video documentary is AWESOME and perfectly captures the message Diadora is trying to send with their Make it Bright campaign.  If you have a minute or two, please watch below.

These 70 runners, represented by 10 nationalities from all different walks of life, combined to take a 1500km/932 mile journey in order to make this delivery from Italy to Spain.  Representing the United States was fashion photographer, Adam Katz Sinding (click HERE for his personal site).  Selected as one of nine “heroes” as Diadora dubbed them, Sinding and the rest of the heroes were spotlighted and played a major role in carrying the N9000s, much like the torch relay for the Olympic Games. The heroes were joined and supported by the rest of the 70 runners to hand deliver the N9000s.


 -Mr. Adam Katz Sinding doing his part in hand delivering a pair of made in Italy Diadora N9000s.-


Congratulations to Diadora, the 70 runners, and everybody that was involved with the Make it Bright campaign, you guys all did an absolutely wonderful job. A truly epic feat indeed. #makeitbright

-Signed, Sealed, Delivered They’re Yours Sir!- image via runkarlarun


*Click HERE for a direct link to the shoes the lucky fan above pre-ordered.  You can also click HERE to view and buy all the Diadora gear and shoes that were used during the campaign! Also, if you are wondering what my thoughts are on the Diadora N9000, click HERE for me and misterHYPE’s review of the model (spolier alert, we both love the shoe).

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