Interview With Mr. Steven F. Smith – The Legendary Genius Behind Some Of Your Favorite Sneakers

For many of you, especially the younger generation, the name Steven F. Smith doesn’t mean a lot, some of you probably don’t even realize that your favorite shoes were born from the ideas and the creative mind of Mr.Smith.
Well, afraid not, here is my short interview with one of the most amazing and brilliant minds that gave birth to some of my personal favorite shoes, with the number one being the Insta Pump Fury, and many of your favorites and just to name same, New Balance 574, 996, 997, 1500 – Reebok Pump Graphlite Hexalite, Graphlite Road, CXT – Nike Air Max 2009, Zoom Spiridon Cage, Bowerman series, Olympic running footwear and many more!
Steven has worked in this industry for almost 30 years now and he is not stopping anytime soon, please enjoy his story in this interview.
Huge thank you again to Mr. Steven F. Smith for agreeing to do this for a second time, much respect.