Bait has teamed up once again with New Balance to create the “Select Program” pack. Each pair has a different colorway; an all grey, black, and white pair. An interesting part of this pack is that each logo on the upper of the shoes are two different colors. Along with the different colored logos, a chrome paint job is used on the ankle, tongue and on the inner and outer logos. Using tumbled leather on the tongue, and a pigskin suede on the whole upper is a nice touch, showing the quality of materials that they used. To finish each pair off, gold and silver detailing can be found throughout the shoes.

If you plan on purchasing these shoes, you can either buy all three pairs for $360, or buy each pair for $120. Each shoe is limited to 100 pairs, so if you plan on purchasing one (or multiple) pairs, you can sign up for the raffle linked below, or purchase them at one of the Bait flagship stores on March 19th.

Overall, this is a solid collab, and putting quality materials on a model that doesn’t usually get too much attention is a cool way to shine some light on an underrated New Balance model. Each pair is subtle and clean, and if they aren’t as limited as they are, these seem like a shoe that could get slept on and fly under the radar.

Photos Via: Bait

Online Raffle 

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