This year, Nike has had a field day leading up to Air Max Day. Letting us, the consumers pick what Air Max model we want re-released was a nice touch, but letting some people design with Tinker Hatfield himself, meet some of the other biggest innovators for Air Max models, and release many new models and hybrids of Air Max shoes never seen before is amazing.

These shoes are predominantly black and royal blue, with a white accents and a white midsole. The upper seems to me a mesh-like material with a small amount of black paint splattering the royal blue upper. There are hints of white on the lace holes and logos. These shoes sits on a blue air bag that can be seen from the sides, as well as from the bottom of the shoe, similar to the Air Max 0. These are expected to drop on Air Max Day, March 26th.  As of now, we do not know the retail price.

The newest Air Max shoe that has surfaced is the Air Max Ultra “MP”, created by Mark Parker. Unlike the Air Max 0, this shoe doesn’t seems as new and innovative, instead it looks like an upgrade from a normal Air Max shoe. Nevertheless, the details are very cool and the shoe is very clean overall. One part that jumps out at me is the use of the HTM fonts, which are widely known for being used on incredibly elusive and hard to get sneakers released by Nike(Lab). Also, you get a keychain just like the Air Max 0 keychain last year, except it reads “H T M”, along with Mark’s signature. You also will receive a bag consisting of multiple laces and possibly the best add on that seems nominal, is four sets of extra aglets. These are so small but Nike’s attention to detail is great.

These are available for raffle now here

Photos Via: Nike

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