This summer, it seems as if Supreme has teamed up with the classic skateboard brand Vans, to create several collaborations.

For the first rumored collaboration, Supreme has opted for the Vans on the “Authentic” model. A checkerboard pattern is used on the whole upper, and the rest of the shoe is black and white. This seems like a normal color-way to release, but Supreme has thrown their classic logo onto parts of the checkerboard, which definitely creates more hype towards this release.

The next two models used are the Half Cabs. The first shoe is decked out in an all silver upper, with a black outsole. The branding is minimal, with “Supreme” written on the back of the outsole. As of know it isn’t known if the upper is or isn’t completely reflective.

The last collaboration uses the same model, but has an all white outsole, with orange and white making up the upper of the shoe. A checkerboard pattern is used on the lining and inside to finish off the shoes.

As if now, it isn’t known if this is a collection, or separate releases, but I think they are separate releases because there is no trend between any of the color-ways.Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 12.03.20 PMsupreme-vans-2016-half-cab-preview_o1q18gsupreme-vans-half-cab-2016-full_o1b4r4

Images Via: Bell Supreme (on Instagram)