The Air Jordan 12 “The Master” (2016) vs. The Air Jordan 12 “Taxi” (2013) by pjeung

It was about 10:26 AM in Las Vegas, Nevada, when I arrived at Fashion Show Mall to pick up a guaranteed raffle pair of Air Jordan 12s “The Master” for my roommate who was on vacation in Korea.  I put in about 5 raffle tickets for this release, and only managed to hit 1 at Shiek.  I honestly thought these weren’t going to fly off shelves, but when I arrived at Fashion Show I saw “unclaimed pairs” lines that made me think Yeezys were releasing.  I can’t remember the last time I was offered cash for a pair of GR Jordans while I was walking out of the store.  I don’t know what brought people out for this release, but it was definitely a hot one!

I started to think about it some more, and realized it had been quite some time since the last GR Jordan 12 release.  The last two releases that come to mind are the Taxi 12s and Gamma Blue 12s, both released in December 2013.  It’s been over 2 years since we last saw a Jordan 12 GR release, and I’m pretty sure that on top of it being a pretty much blacked out 12 had folks yearning.

After bringing the Master 12s home, I decided to do a direct comparison with my Taxi 12s from 2013.  How much better was the quality and craftsmanship? I’ll get straight to the point, it is definitely better, just not by a lot.

-Side by Side-


Leather Quality: I’m sure this is what people will want to know first.  At first glance I thought the quality of leather was the same, but it isn’t.  I definitely have to give the edge to the Master 12s, but the difference is marginal.  They’re both not the softest leathers, however the cut on the leather for the Master 12s is definitely thicker, giving the Master 12s a more plush feel and look when compared to the Taxi 12s.  Interesting to note, the size of the reptile pattern on the side panels is bigger and more spread out on the Master 12s when compared to the Taxi 12s.



-Close-up Shots of the Master 12s-



-Close-up Shot of the Taxi 12s-


Craftsmanship: I don’t know what it is about 12s, but rarely do you hear people complain about craftsmanship or build issues with 12s. They are tanks, and these two are no exception.  Minus a little excess glue on the pair of Master 12s I picked up, neither pair has any flaws craftsmanship wise.  Kudos to Jordan Brand when it comes to the craftsmanship on 12s, they really do a great job on them in general it seems.

-Bottoms Up-


Interior Padding: Definite win for the Master 12s in this category.  The padding around the ankle and tongue are considerably thicker on the Master 12s in comparison to the Taxi 12s.  I didn’t get a chance to put on the Master 12s (my roommates’ pair, couldn’t do it lol), but you can tell it’s going to feel a lot more comfortable and plush around the ankle, heel, and tongue areas.

-Interior Padding-


In conclusion, I was honestly expecting a lot better quality leather on the Master 12s.  I still always go back to the Bulls Over Broadway 10s that released last year and wonder why we can’t get that quality leather on a Jordan GR?  I was hoping JB would give us that kind of quality leather on the Master 12s, but they didn’t.  It’s still a decent leather, just not great.  The Master 12s do look awesome in person I’ll give them that, and I’m sure to most that matters more than anything.


- For you Box Heads lol-


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