Reebok Ventilator Supreme – Space Race Pack

I absolutely love the early 90’s Reebok Ventilator series and the Supreme line of it was always the models I was dreaming about when I was growing up. Reebok took the original concept of the legendary designer and marathon runner Ralph Serna of making a stable and comfortable running shoe with maximum possible ventilation and created a level up, sort-of speak, sneaker that offered all of the original features, but added even more stability and ventilation plus some more implemented technology for the time and colorways that were vibrant and modern for the time.

Last year Reebok released two of the original colorways of the very first edition Ventilator Supreme, which by the way I bought almost immediately, and slowly after that a few more color plus versions and collaborations with some of the their best retail partners. Now Reebok are planning to release a new pack, featuring three new colorways that are themed after the space race program from the end of last century and the colors of the space suites from the different space programs throughout the years. For the moment there is no word on a solid release date, but I can speculate about the pricing and say they will be $135 just like the previously released ones.

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