Leaked from the twitter account Ducks Equipment, it seems like the Oregon Ducks (Baseball team) will be getting two new color ways of the Lunar Trout 2’s in the classic Ducks color-way. The first pair has an all black upper, with a (possibly) 3M wing-shaped pattern along the whole upper. The outsole, laces, and the flywire are all yellow, which creates a great contrast.

The second pair of shoes adorns an all white upper with a winged shape pattern that is yellow along the upper. The outsole, swoosh, and upper half of the flywire is yellow, while the bottom half of the flywire are green with white laces to complete the shoe. Each pair of shoes are finished off with a custom Oregon Ducks logo on both insoles to give it a PE feel.

Overall, these color-ways have been used several times on other models specifically for the Ducks, but it seems like each iteration is not played out and always looks good. As of now, there is no release date, nor is there a price on these shoes, but there still is a possibility that these will release to the public, like many other Oregon Ducks “exclusives”.

Although these are considered to be a turf shoe, I definitely think these would be a great shoe for training as well, and I hope to pick them up if the end up releasing to the public.

Images Via: Ducks Equipment

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