Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 “All Star” Online Raffle is Live via The Edition Boutique!

The good guys over at The Edition Boutique (only place in the United States that actually carries Way of Wades in store) are doing an online raffle for the Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 “All Star” (Only 100 total pairs made!)  Retail price for these will be $250, and you have until February 12th, 2016, 8 PM eastern time to enter.  

Click HERE to enter the raffle.  Again, there were only 100 total pairs made, so good luck to everybody!

*The good folks over at Sunlight Station may also have the WoW 4 “All Star” as well, although they couldn’t confirm for sure yet.  They have informed me if they do get pairs, it will be after All Star Weekend.  If Sunlight Station does in fact have a release of these, I will let you guys know ASAP!

Once again, good luck everyone and kudos to The Edition Boutique for doing an online raffle for these super limited kicks!


image via Focus Point Studio/The Edition Boutique