Collective Thoughts February 2016

What’s going on CK fam, it’s that time of the month again!  Collective Thoughts is back for another monthly installment, and this time we cover the 2016 Jordan holiday releases, the personal yeezy restock each writer wants, what to put on feet when running away from zombies, and finally of course what the writers have on feet as they are answering these questions. Without further ado, let’s get right into these answers!


1. So, it appears we are getting True Blue OG 3s and Space Jams for the Black Friday and Christmas release! What are your initial thoughts, and if you could only get one of the two, which would it be? 


Heskicks AKA “Somehow Got Away With Telling The Wife How Much He Spent On Just Don 2s”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube,Twitter ,Instagram

“Both dope, but both not black, red, and white… I like the “bulls” colorways the best of the established colorways. For me tho Space Jams are a must, got a pair last retro from a “pre-order” site and was pissed because they came in a different box, so I doubt they are authentic, and would never claim them to be.”


Kicksreason AKA “Making Moves With the Vector”, CK Writer. Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

 “Great news, if you have all the money in the world, I am sure they will be around $225 or even more, I think Jordan brand had to go back to the lll’s in order to boost their declining sells, we are witnessing over 90% of the retros sitting on shelves and naturally they are worried about it. What better than beloved lll’s and Space James to bring some more passengers on the hype train. If I had the money I would get both, but if I had to choose, probably the Jams. “


sismiley07 AKA “I Have YouTube Haters Finally” CK Writer.Youtube,Instagram

“Leaning towards the Space Jams. I really dislike how they change the shape of the GS pairs and the 3s look off. JB, please make smaller men’s sizes so we have options!”



MisterHYPE AKA “YouTube Chanel Is Coming…”, CK Writer.Twitter

“Love that Nike is retroing stuff, and love that the Jordan 3 is coming out of retirement! The Space Jams are iconic, mostly because the movie was one movie I watched over and over again as a kid (every sleepover, Space Jam or the Mighty Ducks. No questions asked). If i could get only one of the two, it would definitely be the Space Jams. I don’t love the Jordan 11, and honestly won’t wear them at all, but it was a childhood dream of mine to own a pair of my own.”


dstrasner AKA “True Blue 3s Are Meh”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“Personally I never liked the True Blue 3’s so they are not on my personal radar, at least not now. However I am a big fan of Space Jams, both the movie and sneaker so I will be trying my hardest to cop.”


Joe Rodriguez AKA “I Love Politics”, CK Writer. Instagram

 “I think it’s a good move for Nike to bring back two iconic colorways for this holidays this year.”


tina_weenie AKA ” Cross Country Veteran”, CK Writer. Instagram

“I was excited when u first heard the news. My grails are the 11’s but Space Jams aren’t my favorite. I’m more excited about the 3s releaseing, honestly. Hopefully I can cop a pair.”


Sample Shane AKA “Birthday Boy”, CK Writer. Twitter, Instagram 

“To be honest I’m not a big fan of the new retros, too expensive for my taste.However I’ve always been a fan of the 11’s, so if I could only pick one it would be the Space Jams.”


pjeung AKA “Wing It” CK Writer.  Twitter,Instagram

“Hmm, I like both shoes a lot, but if I had to pick one it would be the True Blue 3s.  The 3s are probably my favorite Jordan, with the True Blues being my second favorite OG colorway after the White Cements.. “


2.The Yeezy Pirate Black “Restock/Remake/2.0″ was obviously an instant sellout, if you could personally choose a yeezy to be “restocked/remade/2.0″ (Nike Yeezys included) which would it be?  


Heskicks: “Nike Air 180 from the College Dropout themed Yeezy bear.”


Kicksreason: “None of them, the Yeezy line can disappear tomorrow and I am not even going to notice.” 


sismiley07: “Nike Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum”


MisterHYPE: “RED OCTOBERS, NIKE PLEASE! If it’s rebranded as something else, I don’t care. Just, someone, please, Nike?”


dstrasner: “I would like to see a restock of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Pure Platinum” as it is my all time favorite colorway of a shoe, and I will probably never own it unless it is somehow re-released by nike.”


Joe Rodriguez: “Yeezy Moonrocks”


tina_weenie:” I would like to see the next Yeezy X Adidas Boost 350. Maybe multicolor primeknit?” 


Sample Shane: “I lucked out and was able to cop a pair of the Pirate Black Yeezys off of Adidas, so expect an article about those in March! If I had to choose a Yeezy to be restocked I’d pick the Nike Yeezy 2 Pure Platinums. It’s a very clean colorway on a great silhouette!”  


pjeung: “No question, the Nike Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum.”


3. The Walking Dead is back! Imagine that situation was real life, and you had to decide on one pair of kicks to help keep you alive. What shoe would that be and why?


Heskicks: “I’m going with some Nike Air Foamposite Ones, probably the Army Camo colorway, durable, and super comfy once molded to your foot!”


Kicksreason: “Big fan of TWD, but to be honest some military style boots will be a lot more useful than any of my kicks.” 


sismiley07: “I’d probably grab a pair of Jordan 1s. The comfort won’t really be there, but it’ll last and be easy to clean up. I would’ve said Ultra Boosts or any Boost, but the Primeknit would wear down pretty quickly and wouldn’t function well in cold weather.”


MisterHYPE:  “It would have to be a pair of Tims. Wet feet are a no-no, and a well fitting pair of laced up Tims is surprisingly comfortable to run in. Plus, none of us are skipping leg day anyways, so the weight of the shoe doesn’t matter..”


dstrasner:  “If I had to wear one pair kicks to help me stay alive it would be my Lebron 12 lows due to the great cushion and also how light weight they are.”


Joe Rodriguez:  “This was a good question even though I don’t watch the Walking Dead lol. I’d definitely have to go for some type of boot if I were in this situation.”


tina_weenie:  “I would choose the Ultraboost; it has great cushioning, excellent grip on the outsole, and breathable.” 


Sample Shane: “Tough question! I’d have to pick the Nike Air Trainer SC2 Boot. Looks good, isn’t too bulky, and is pretty rugged! The boots are water repellent and have a zoom unit too so you can’t go wrong!”


pjeung: “I’d probably go with the Jordan 12s. That shoe is a freaking tank.  You add full length zoom air, a full leather upper, herringbone traction, and a carbon fiber plate for arch support + spring back? Hard to beat if you ask me.   


4. On feet today?


Heskicks: “Yeezy 350 Turtle Doves! and I didnt even post a picture to stunt on the gram lol.”


Kicksreason: “Vintage Reebok Vertical lll, 23 years old and counting, one of the best shoes ever made.” 


sismiley07: “Nike Tokyo Benassi Slides”


MisterHYPE: “Cyber Monday Jordan 1’s on a Thursday!”


dstrasner: “Cyber Monday Jordan 1″


Joe Rodriguez: “L.L. Bean Boots”


tina_weenie: “Just some floral Vans Sk8 high, not too much for school.” 


Sample Shane: “Just got back to the gym so I’m rocking some Nike Free Flyknits that are all black! Great exercise shoe and they are one of the most comfortable shoes I own!”


pjeung: “Way of Wade 1 Team No Sleep.”

Space Jams/True Blues Image via Kicks on Fire

Nike Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum Image via Sneaker Files

Walking Dead Image via TV Insider

Erik Bjerkesjö x BrandBlack Totem on Feet via Mister HYPE 

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