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Before I get started, I just want to wish all of our readers a belated Happy New Year.  I sincerely hope everybody’s 2016 is off to a great start!  Also, we’ve trimmed the roster a bit on Collective Kicks, and I finally got to add Mr. Sample Shane to the mix for Collective Thoughts. He’s been on staff for a minute, it’s totally my fault for not getting him on here sooner, my bad bro!  I’ve added his social media links next to his first response, so please feel free to follow him!  Without further ado, let’s get to this month’s topics!


1. What was your first or what will be your pick-up of 2016?


Sample Shane AKA “My Dad Watches Ridiculousness”, CK Writer. Twitter, Instagram 

“First pick-up was some Vans Sk8-Hi Pro in the Black/Gum colorway. Had to branch out and try a new brand so I went with Vans haha I’ll be posting an article about those in a bit.”


Heskicks AKA “Harrison is Already on Twitter”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube,Twitter ,Instagram

“My “DB6″ inspired Kyrie 2 NikeIDs was the first pickup of the year!… followed by a Nike haul lol.”


Kicksreason AKA “Picked up Kicks Just to Have an Answer for Question 1”, CK Writer. Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“Reebok Kamikaze ll Overcast”


sismiley07 AKA “Sock Fetish” CK Writer.Youtube,Instagram

“My first pickup of 2016 was the CLOT x ASICS GL3 in the Sand colorway. Love love love love them. Suede is really soft and leather insoles are a nice touch.”


MisterHYPE AKA “Twitter Famous”, CK Writer.Twitter

“Bought my first pair of Jordan 1’s in the Cyber Monday colorway. They’ve been a staple in the rotation, and really tough not to put on every single day.”


dstrasner AKA “I’m Voting for Trump, Just Kidding”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“Jordan 1 Cyber Monday, I got them on the 7th. It was the last pair and I didn’t want to regret it later.”


Joe Rodriguez AKA “Not Feeling the Nike All Star 2016 Colleciton”, CK Writer. Instagram

“Clarks Stinson Hi – Sand Suede”


tina_weenie AKA ” Really, Really Needs OG Branding on GS White/Cement 4s”, CK Writer. Instagram

“I’m not to certain on what I’ll be able to buy, but I would like to grab a pair of Cement 4s… cliché, I know”


pjeung AKA “WoW Collection is Getting There” CK Writer.  Twitter,Instagram

“Li Ning Way of Wade 2 “Birthday”.  1 Wade grail marked off the list!”


2. Pick a side and say why. Bulky 90’s retro sneakers (Jordans, Reebok Questions, etc.) or Streamlined woven-knitted/mesh new age sneakers (Ultra Boosts, Roshes, etc.)

Sample Shane: “Bulky 90’s retros are my favorite. As much as I love my roshes and flyknit free runs I have to stick to the classics. I have 2 pairs of the command forces, a few pairs of foams, an OG pair of the airforce 180s, and a pair of Nike Condors just to name a few. I just love the boot like feel with the hightops.” 


Heskicks: “Both. No way to choose a side because I love what sneakers came from, but I also love the direction of sneakers with technology and materials!”


Kicksreason: “90’s all the way, I was in high school in the early 90’s and that is best era of sneakers to me, I know every single model that came out from Reebok or Nike at that time, that is the period that started it for me, plus I am a sucker for leather and genuine materials and not for plastic gimmicky “new age” ones. “


sismiley07: “I prefer the older shape of runners, with new tech. I’m not a fan of bulky shoes, except for the Nike Air More Uptempo.”


MisterHYPE: “90’s Retros. I’ve always worn my sneakers to go with what i’m wearing, or to just show out, in general. Even with the jogger pant fad in full effect, there’s nothing like getting your jeans/pants to sit perfectly on a pair fresh kicks to really pull the outfit together.”


dstrasner: “I have to choose new age sneakers, I like retro sneakers but they are not as comfortable as the woven or mesh sneakers being currently released.”


Joe Rodriguez: “Streamlined – I want to wear a shoe that is clean cut, with lines and edges, if I wanted to wear a “bulky” shoe I would grab a pair of boots.”


tina_weenie: “I would pick bulky 90’s because those were the first sneakers I fell in love with. I know I’m young, but I like the classics.” 


pjeung: “Definitely 90’s retros.  I’m on the stockier side as far as my build and have pretty thick legs too, so 90’s retros just fit my body type better.  I’m also pretty attached to 90’s retros, the nostalgic feeling they give me can’t be duplicated by any other type of sneaker.”


3. Kevin Hart recently go his own sneaker from Nike, if you were in charge, what current unsigned non-athlete would you give a sneaker to and why? 

Sample Shane: “Tough question but I’d have to say Riff Raff just because I’d be interested to see what he would come up with. There were rumors that he had some Jordan 5s that were going to release but those just turned out to be customs. The dude is definitely an odd ball, but he has an interesting style.”


Heskicks: “I think it would be rad to have Jerry Seinfeld get a sneaker lol or at least a colorway of a classic Jordan 6 model or something since he rocked with JB back in the day.”


Kicksreason: “I don’t think anyone outside of sports deserve a sneaker deal, this is a modern trend that I don’t approve it only builds a unnecessary hype and pulls even further the kids away from sports.” 


sismiley07: “Beyonce so bae size could literally mean bey size. She has an insane following that trumps Jay Z’s fan base. I think her sneaker would be well-received.”


MisterHYPE: “Is it even a question? I’d give Justin Beiber his own sneaker. Next to Kanye, there isn’t a more rabid fanbase out there, and even though he may not be viewed as a style icon, like Kanye is, I’d bet a significant amount of my sneakers that he’d sell shoes.”


dstrasner: “I would sign J. Cole to Jordan brand since he is from North Carolina and I always see him in a pair of Jordan 1’s.”


Joe Rodriguez: “Keeping with the comedian theme I would pick Jimmy Fallon, I see him as an influential person in today’s entertainment market and I believe that would make his shoe very marketable and successful.”


tina_weenie: “I honestly have no idea who I would give a sneaker to. Maybe HesKicks lol, he’ll have some dope designs.” 


pjeung: “How about Meek? Nah, just playing lol. I think Wale would be a solid choice.  He’s a respected sneakerhead, and seems to have a good sense of style. I would just a be a little worried about his lack of marketability.”    


4. On feet today?

Sample Shane: “Being that the east coast got pounded with snow I’ve been rocking the “Blackout” Winterized Spizikes while shoveling snow and they get the job done!”


Heskicks: “Yeezy 750s… Just kidding lol. Ultra Boost ST with the straps removed, so crazy comfortable.”


Kicksreason: “Reebok Omni Zone l”


sismiley07: “Nike Air Max 1 iD”


MisterHYPE: “Winter Storm Jonas pretty much kept me inside all day, but when I was able to go out, I had my Timberland’s on.”


dstrasner: “”Cyber Monday” Jordan 1, first time wearing them.”


Joe Rodriguez: “L.L. Bean Boots”


tina_weenie: “On feet are my Mizuno softball cleats, just finished a game.”


pjeung: “Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 “Birthday”, put em’ straight on feet.” 




2016 image via bumblebeepoker  

Nike Air Command Force image via freshnessmag

adidas Doom Tubular image via hypebeast

Nike Kevin Hart Trainer image via KoF

adidas Yeezy 350 Boost “Moonrock” image via our very own Jennizerr

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