Collective Thoughts December Edition

I hope everybody is enjoying the holiday season with their loved ones while obviously having some heat on their feet as well.  I also want to once again congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Heskicks on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Harrison.  Kudos to Harrison for not arriving on the same day as the 72 and 10s lol.  Also, I want to give my guy Damani aka dstrasner some love for recently getting accepted into Vanderbilt University, props to you sir, I hope Yeezys somehow find a way onto your feet bro!

Before I get into this month’s topics, we at  Collectivekicks would like to welcome and introduce the newest member to the Collectivekicks writing staff, Ms. tina_weenie.  She’s injected some of her youthful energy into Collectivekicks, I’ve personally enjoyed a lot of her creative pieces, the sneakerhead poem being the most memorable!  It’s just too bad she’s a Dodgers fan (I’m a SF Giants fan… so…yeah) Now, without further ado, let’s get into the last 3 topics for Collective Thoughts in 2015 and per usual, our new writer Tina will lead things off!


1. If you participated in Collective Thoughts last December, I’ve kindly reminded you of your “sneakerhead resolution” from last year.  How do you feel looking back on it, and what is your resolution for next year?  If you’re new, just let us know what your sneakerhead resolution is for 2016! 

tina_weenie AKA ” Zombie Run Survivor”, CK Writer. Instagram

“My resolution for 2016 is to actually clean my shoes after I wear them!! I can’t stand dirty midsoles.”


Heskicks AKA “Enjoying Dad Life”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube,Twitter ,Instagram

 “Try to cut down and not buy so many sneakers, become more selective…somehow.” (2015 resolution)

“Oh man lol I failed so bad! I was opposite of selective, same resolution for 2016? Lol”


Kicksreason AKA “Leather Sniffer”, CK Writer. Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

 “Try to slow down on buying kicks.”

 “Looks like I stayed true to myself and kept the resolution, slowed down tremendously over the last year.”


sismiley07 AKA “No Raffle Love” CK Writer.Youtube,Instagram

 “Not making any specific New Year’s resolutions because I know I’ll break them at some point, haha! Just going to try and be a conscious/smart spender when it comes to kicks”

 “I think my 2015 resolution will be the same for 2016. It’s hard not to cop every dope release, need more self control. Lastly, but most importantly, be a better, kinder, selfless human being.”


MisterHYPE AKA “Somebody Oop Me Some Cyber 1s For The Low, PLEASE”, CK Writer.Twitter

 “Quality over quantity.  Not just material quality, but sneakers that either meant something to me in the past, or have a good story/idea/theme behind them.”

“Safe to say, I probably didn’t follow the quantity part, but definitely upped the quality of the sneakers I picked up this year. A lot more sneakers that just have better materials, and more purchases outside of the usual Nike/adidas sneakers.”


dstrasner AKA “I Love Me Some Skip Bayless”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“I will buy at least 1 off brand shoe (Asics, Saucony, etc)

“To be honest I have not come through on my 2015 resolution even though I have not really bought many Jordans either. My resolution for 2016 is to get an Adidas Yeezy before I head to college at Vanderbilt.”


TheGmoney041 AKA “Beat The Ducks”, CK Writer.  Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“Resolution- To not miss out on a single BAIT release the entire year!”


bangobuck AKA “Passed My Spanish Final, Apenas” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“I’m trying to cut back my spending in general. Instead of picking up random stuff throughout the year I want to be more selective.”


dpetreeko AKA “Bring It Again Next Year AROD!” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“Mine is to make some money off this hobby so I can continue to put back into it without spending all of mine!”


mofo_eskimo AKA “I Upgraded My Camera For My YouTube Channel!” CK Writer.YoutubeTwitter,Instagram

“My sneakerhead resolution for 2016 is to quit paying resell prices. Sometimes there is a shoe I want so bad that I bite the bullet and just pay resell. I need to cut that out because there is always a chance to get them in the future for retail if it’s meant to be.”


NJ_McGowan AKA ”Journalism Game On Point” CK Writer. Twitter

“well the obvious answer is to cut back on sneakers, which I have done pretty well over the last few months, but probably catch up on older basketball sneakers, Adidas Kevin Garnett’s or some lebrons.”


Joe Rodriguez AKA “Time To Invest In An Otterbox”, CK Writer. Instagram

“To restore the image of a sneaker collecting to my friends, as many of them think it’s a “thug” hobby.”

“I definitely feel that I was able to show non sneakerheads the culture behind collecting shoes and why some are so passionate about it. I want to continue doing that into 2016.”


708ChicagoSole AKA “1.7k For A Jacket? C’mon Kanye!’” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

My sneaker resolution is to start exploring more brands, I feel like I get stuck in a loop and start wearing the same shoes I like over and over.” 


pjeung AKA “” CK Writer.  Twitter,Instagram

 “Really make a conscious effort to cut down on Jordans. (pricing getting out of hand)  Really want to expand my shoe game a bit and try other basketball brands like Brandblack, Peak, Anta, etc.  Maybe even a RF runner or two (lol probably not).”

“I definitely cut down on my Jordans this year.  The year before I copped 8-10 pairs, this year I only copped 4.  I copped a lot of WoWs and Brandblacks and even managed to add a few runners to the collection.  No Fieg joints tho, a little too rich for my blood.  Resolution for 2016? Cop less sneakers period, I got way too many as it is.” 


2. Your sneaker of 2015 is? (and why)

tina_weenie: “My sneaker of 2015 is the Doernbecher Janoski by Isaiah Grubb. Especially for a great cause, Isaiah did a phenomenal job in making a simple shoe come to life with the reflective feature.”


Heskicks: “shattered backboard aj1, it’s the perfect colorway in my opinion #gobeavs” 


Kicksreason: “Probably the Token 38 Shaq Attaq, not only an amazing looking sneaker with top quality materials, but I managed to double up for under retail, so it’s all good to me.”


sismiley07: “adidas Ultra Boost. I love the silhouette and it has next level tech while being extremely comfy.”


MisterHYPE: “JCrossover 2. Now that I’ve started to play basketball in them full time, over my Jordan XX9’s, they’ve taken the #1 spot on my list, without question. Casual appeal is there, for me, and the performance is out of this world. I’m stoked for the JCrossover 3, and possibly being able to get my hands on a pair of those or the Ethers, but my only regret will be not picking up more JCrossover 2’s (even though I bought four this year…)”


dstranser: “My sneaker of 2015 is the Flyknit Racer 2.0 as it is by far my most worn shoe due to its versatility and comfort.”


TheGmoney041: “Personally, 2015 was just a meh year in terms of sneakers that I was interested in, but if I had to choose my favorite, gotta go with BAIT X Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85- “Game of Death/Bruce Lee”. As a huge Bruce Lee fan and lover of his movies, there was nothing that could top these pairs.”


bangobuck:  “Has to be the Ultra Boost. I don’t own a pair but the amount of demand there has been for it should put it at the top of anyone’s list.” 


dpetreeko: “Jordan oreo 4 because in my opinion this was the best made retro under the “remastered debacle” that I was able to buy.”


mofo_eskimo: “Very tough question. I gotta give it to you PJ cause you stumped me. There was lifted alt hundreds of AMAZING sneakers that released/retro’d this year. I have a couple that I would say are in my tops but my my absolute favorite sneaker of 2015 was the Chicago 1’s. Pure timeless!!! Without Chicago 1’s there wouldn’t be much of a sneaker culture and Nike might not even exist today.”


NJ_McGowan: “Reebok the pump 25th anniversary, when you look at all the collabs that sort of put the spotlight back on reebok, it’s nice to see a forgotten brand make a brief appearance.” 


Joe Rodriguez: “Wow this was a hard one, but I’d have to say the Asics Gel Lyte V “8-Ball” was my favorite.”


708ChicagoSole: “My sneaker for 2015 is definitely the flyknit racer multicolor 2.0. I really like how nike did the release process and how clean the shoe looks.” 


pjeung: “The Brandblack J Crossover 2.  I really think a few years down the road this sneaker is going to be considered a classic.  I think Brandblack is really gaining some momentum as we speak, and I expect them to get keep rising.  They’ve put put out a lot of heat recently, but I still think the J Crossover is head and shoulders above anything else they’ve put out thus far.” 


3. The sneaker you are most looking forward to in the 2016 thus far? 

tina_weenie: “So far, I would choose the Air Jordan 2 Radio Raheem.”


Heskicks: “none yet, too early to tell”


Kicksreason: ” To be honest nothing really, I have my eye on a few Nike models like the Air Max CW2, or how the kids know it thesr days as Air Sensation, but if I miss out, it’s not going to be a big deal for sure.”


sismiley07: “AJ 1 High OG Royal GS remastered, if it releases!”


MisterHYPE:  “I think the sneaker I’m most looking forward to are the Bred IV’s. I missed out on the last time they released, and will definitely be looking forward to getting at least one pair next year.”


dstrasner: “In 2016 I am looking forward to rumored release of the Bred 1’s or the Kobe XI’s.”


TheGmoney041: “I don’t look at the future bro, I just live in the present. Plus BAIT hasn’t teased anything yet for 2016 sooooo…. But in all seriousness, kinda hyped about the year of the 8, one of my top three Jordan models.”


bangobuck: “The Jordan IV’s with Nike Air, and the Black/Red Ones.” 


dpetreeko: “Bred 1″


mofo_eskimo: “The main sneaker I am looking forward to in 2016 is the White Cement 4’s with Nike Air. That shoe is a classic and one of the greatest Jordans ever. I heard rumors that the Macklemore Jordan 6’s might possibly be releasing in 2016. If that is true then I would say those are by far my most anticipated release. I’m just not sure if they are confirmed or not.” 


NJ_McGowan: “Kobe 11, he’s retiring, should certainly be a wide array of colorways to pay homage to Mamba’s career.”


Joe Rodriguez: “I’d have to say the Jordan XII “Master” has me excited.”


708ChicagoSole: “Im looking forward to the new Yeezy colorways that are coming out in 2016 and more colabs from Adidas.” 


pjeung: “The Jordan “Wing it” 2.  This sneaker just does it for me, take my money JB!”


4. On Feet?

tina_weenie: “Bred 11 Lows”


Heskicks: “gray tech pack roshe run, the perfect warm and lazy sneaker to throw on for quick errands”


Kicksreason: “Since it is incredibly hot for the season the last week or so, I had to pull out the summer kicks again, so Nike Air Huarache are on feet.”


sismiley07: “adidas Ultra Boost (1st colorway)”


MisterHYPE: “Wore my Nike Zoom Elite 8’s while running some errands today!”


dstrasner: “Kith “Just Us” Slides” 


TheGmoney041: “Saucony Grid 9000, best shoes to look good at work in.”


bangobuck: “Nike Trainer 5+ “Paid in Full””


dpetreeko: “Slippers its 8am lol” 


mofo_eskimo: “On feet today is Laser Jordan 1’s. “


NJ_McGowan: “Nike free run 5″


Joe Rodriguez: “L.L. Bean Boots”


708ChicagoSole: “Jordan 1 Celtic Dmp.” 


pjeung: “Brandblack J Crossover 2 Glacier”


*We will be back in next year for more Collective Thoughts!  On behalf of everybody at collectivekicks, I want to wish everybody a safe and happy new year!  See you guys in 2016!

2016 image via tech beasts

Nike SB Janoski Doernbecher  image via our very own tina_weenie 

2016 OG Jordan 4 Retros image via Flight Club CN

adidas Ultra Boost on feet via our very own jennizerr

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