Isaiah Grubb’s Doernbecher Stefan Janoski Review

On November 21, 2015, Nike released its 12th Doernbecher Freestyle Collection, which consisted of six uniquely designed Nike and Jordan models. This collection included Isaiah Grubb’s design. Compared to other outstanding Doernbecher designs, Isaiah’s design can but put into two words. SIMPLY AMAZING. With a black silhouette and hints of red, this Doernbecher shoe is unbelievable. The shoe has an all black reflective upper. A red racing stripe wraps around the shoe eventually spelling out Isaiah’s name on the inner sidewall and outlines the bottom part of the bat symbol on the outer sidewall. When light hits it, the shoe shines bright with its reflective feature and reveals a distinct bat symbol (only part not with reflective feature). On the back heels, a number 12 can be seen on the left shoe and 30 on the right shoe when reflective is on. The inner lining is black leather and the insoles have Isaiah’s name along with words such as: FAMILY, FRIENDS, BELIEVE, and FREEDOM. This design is on top of a black and grey digital camouflage print that has hidden items like the Nike Swoosh, Jordan Jumpman, a video game controller, and a skateboard. The laces, which are black, has the words FIGHTER and BELIEVE in red on the tips. The outsole is a bright yellow which gives the shoe a subtle POP. Again this shoe is SIMPLY AMAZING with an overall great concept. The idea of Batman came from Isaiah’s story. When his parents found out about Isaiah’s brain lesion, they told him he had a “brain freckle” and his hero, Batman, had one too. He was told to be strong and brave just like Batman. Batman and Isaiah’s family helped him stay strong and overcome his fear of having surgery. Isaiah is, and always will be, a strong, brave kid. Thank you Isaiah, Batman, Nike, and Doernbecher Hospital for this amazing shoe.

SOURCE: NIKE and SoleCollector 


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