Collective Thoughts November Edition

An early Happy Thanksgiving from the CK fam to our readers!  We appreciate you guys very much, and hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends!  Also, can’t forget to wish you all luck on all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday releases and sales! Without wasting too much of your time, let’s go ahead and get right into this month’s topics!


1. If your sneaker room/closet/storage unit caught on fire, and you could only save one pair of sneakers, what pair would it be and why? (Yes, the question was inspired by THIS Sole Collector article) 

Heskicks AKA “OGs, OGs Everywhere”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube,Twitter ,Instagram

“only 1 pair? I have 2 hands tho! Probably Dynamic Flight Pippens, the Red / Black CW, since that is sort of my ‘Rosebud’, childhood memory that I need a reminder of to stay humble.”


Kicksreason AKA “Sneakers & Computers”, CK Writer. Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“I will let them all burn, no reason saving one, I wouldn’t risk my life going back for just one, it will be too difficult to decide which one at that moment. Better let them all burn and just start fresh…with much less expensive hobby :-)”


sismiley07 AKA “The Plug, CK Writer.Youtube,Instagram

“Thank you for starting the questionnaire out with a stressful situation. I’d probably take my AJ 1 Royal because it was extremely hard to find in my size and price.”


MisterHYPE AKA “Seedworthy”, CK Writer.Twitter

“I’d run out with my Lebron 9 Elite Taxi’s. As an avid Lebron fan, and having had my home colorway Lebron 9 Elites stolen at the gym (seriously, who takes sweaty, torn, basketball sneakers?), nothing tops the Lebron 9 elite in my collection. Not even JC2s…”


dstrasner AKA “Steady Cam is Not My Speciality”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“Nike Air Half-Cent’s because they were my first sneaker that I bought myself.”


TheGmoney041 AKA “Fire Meachum”, CK Writer.  Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“If my place was on fire and I could only save one pair, it is most definitely my Nike SB “Japan/Ukiyo-e” Dunk Lows that were made by JP Custom Kicks. Those are something I helped create and are a connection to my heritage through the medium of shoes.”


bangobuck AKA “Donavan McDabb” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“My pair of Paid in Full Nike trainer 5.0’s. They have special meaning to me and they look awesome. All time favorite pair.”


dpetreeko AKA “#Lola2016” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“That is tough but I guess right now my “new” 2006 Jordan 4 Thunders being that there are only 500 pair”


mofo_eskimo AKA “Matt Ryan is Mediocre” CK Writer.YoutubeTwitter,Instagram

“Very tough question to just list 1 pair. I would grab as many kicks as I could carry if my house was on fire lol. But for the questions sake, I would probably grab my DS ’88 White Cement 3’s cause it’s pretty much impossible to find another DS legit pair now a days. “


NJ_McGowan AKA ”My Floor=Sneaker Closet” CK Writer. Twitter

“That is a tough question, granted the floor of my bedroom is my sneaker closet so I would have to make sure i’ve saved my laptop and other valuables first but if I could only choose one pair of kicks it would be the KD V Aunt Pearl. The meaning the behind the shoe is terrific and really brings attention to the fight against breast cancer, another bonus is that I can easily play basketball in them.”


Joe Rodriguez AKA “MTV, This Man Needs His Own Show”, CK Writer. Instagram

“I would definitely have to save my Fire Red IV’s (no pun intended)” 


708ChicagoSole AKA “Nike Memphis Warehouse Is My Dream Job’” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“I would have to save my Nike free run 5.0 because i’m not about to be walking around without a house in some grails. I want to be comfortable. “


pjeung AKA “Gotta Up My Paypal Paper” CK Writer.  Twitter,Instagram

“Hmmm, I’m going to have to go with either Bred 1s or 88 White Cement 3s.  Both of those pairs are timeless and are the quintessential pairs to have for any Jordan collector.  If I have to choose one, probably 88 White Cements since they’re my personal favorite Jordan of all time.” 


2. The holiday season is upon us, what are your thoughts on holiday themed sneakers? Do you have a favorite? 

Heskicks: “I love the Ugly Christmas Sweater Dunks, hands down my favorite, in fact, I have been saying this for years, but Nike could release a new theme every year and I would buy it. “


Kicksreason: “Never cared about holiday themed sneakers and I still don’t. “


sismiley07: “I like holiday themed sneakers. It lightens the mood and changes things up. My fav so far is the Cncpts x Nike SB Ugly Sweater in both colorways (grey/black), but black is slightly better.”


MisterHYPE: “Holiday themed sneakers aren’t my favorite, and it’s hard for me to get on board because the colorways don’t really make sense any other time of the year. Concepts did the best holiday sneakers with Nike SB. Nothing tops that pack, especially with that tin and all the extras they included.”


dstranser:  “Holiday themed sneakers are cool if executed well, but at this point the market is so watered down from the major shoes companies putting out unoriginal colorways.”


TheGmoney041: “Love them so much and there is not nearly enough of them out there! As for fav, EASILY the Ugly Sweater Dunks.”


bangobuck:  “I like them as long as the theme isn’t so in-your-face. The Grinch Kobe 6 is incredible and is absolutely my favorite. Each year they get worse though.”


dpetreeko: “All time favorite is no doubt the Ugly Christmas Sweaters by Concepts and Nike SB nothing else even comes close IMO”


mofo_eskimo: “I am a huge fan of Christmas & I have always loved Christmas themed sneakers. Hands down the best is Kobe 6 Grinch. A close runner up is the Black Ugly Sweater Concepts SB’s with the dope special packaging. “


NJ_McGowan: “Last year Adidas rolled out their Nightmare series once again for Christmas and I was never able to get my hands on the Kb8 II, or the Crazy 2, whatever the official name is. That is probably my favorite holiday sneaker in recent memory but I feel as though Easter and Christmas colorways are more or less the same every year. Black History Month inspired kicks easily take the cake as being the most creative but that does’t mean I don’t enjoy the holiday themes. It’s nice that theoretically, I could rock a pair of green and red sneakers to match my christmas themed clothing, even nicer that I could potentially rock the Concepts Ugly Christmas Sweater Dunks with an Ugly Christmas Sweater.”  


Joe Rodriguez: “I like the holiday sneakers because I have yet to see a color way that I dislike. My favorite pair would probably be the Kobe 7 Grinch”


708ChicagoSole: “I find most holiday sneakers tacky, I’ve never caught onto the hype of ugly Christmas sweaters or any of the christmas themed shoes. I like being able to wear my shoes 365 days a year.” 


pjeung: “I love holiday themed sneakers, as long as they keep it traditional.  The Christmas colorways in the past few years have me completely perplexed, and more importantly turned off.  I can’t wait to break out my Way of Wade 3 Christmas!” 


3.  I know Hes put out an article about this a while back, but as far as right now, has Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman? If not, based on the recent history will it in the near future? 

Heskicks: “Personally, i still say no. I understand the hype is there and Kanye is the kids champ like 2Pac was for me, but still, even with retros sitting on shelves, there just isnt enough Yeezy releases yet make it as iconic as Jordan.”  


Kicksreason: “Absolutely not, whoever thinks that Yeezy jumped over the Jumpman is as delusional as Yeezy himself.” 


sismiley07:  “Yeezy has jumped over the jumpman. Kanye has such a powerful influence right now, it’s crazy. I hope he doesn’t run for President though…”


MisterHYPE: “Ask yourself this: If Nike dropped a run of Yeezy 1’s or 2’s, and adidas made the Yeezy’s available, walk in, at your local Finishline, would most kids run to the store to get them? Plus, Yeezy’s are more accessible for people outside of the sneakerhead circle. Yeezy matters to more people than Jordan does. Yeezy > Jumpman.”


dstrasner: “Yeezy’s will not jump over the Jumpman…… until they are more mass produced, something that could be possible if more 350 boost were to be brought out by Adidas, and reserving the 750’s and 950’s as apart of the more luxury end of the Yeezy line.”


TheGmoney041: “I can answer this in less than 10 words- No & hell no.”


bangobuck: “I think in terms of hype the answer has to be yes. On a release-to-release comparison the Yeezy’s have way more demand. Obviously total sales Jordan is still top dog, but if there is a Yeezy drop on the same day as a Jordan release, I know which site’s I will be on, and it isn’t Nike.”


dpetreeko:“I will regretfully say yes for now, this fact was proven to me when I saw Bordeaux 7’s sitting online for weeks after a unexpected restock, I am still shocked they are not sold out but yet I have not pulled the trigger yet either money is tight and $190 is still a large sum of money, however I am very sure that Yeezy will not last and that 3 years from now Jordan still will…..”


mofo_eskimo: “Yeezy will never jump over the Jumpman. Kanye’s shoes are nothing but hype due to resell value from them being so limited. I can’t think of anything that Kanye did historical or significant in any of his sneakers. Jordans are so popular because MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time. I sure can’t say Kanye is the greatest rapper of all time. Jordans have withstood the test of time. 2015 now marks the 30th anniversary of the brand & they still continue to sell out. Seems like Jordans are only become more & more popular as time goes on. NO shoe will ever touch a Jordan retro 11 holiday release.” 


NJ_McGowan: “Jordan will always be king. Yes Yeezy sells out, yes most of us want a pair, but you can’t take down a legend in a matter of a few years. Besides I’d rather have a few pairs of Js over one pair of Yeezys.”  


Joe Rodriguez: “In popularity the Yeezy brand is definitely higher compared to Jordan brand but in the long run Jordan will have Yeezy beat in profits and popularity.”


708ChicagoSole: “Honestly people buy Yeezys more than Jordan’s not because its better material or because their more comfortable, they buy yeezys because of the name. But to answer your question yes, Yeezys jumped over the Jumpman years ago.” 


pjeung: “I think in some aspects Kanye has leaped over the Jumpman.  The hype on the Yeezys >Jordans.  But, I don’t think that will last.  Kanye is a heavy influencer, don’t get me wrong.. I just don’t see him having the type of longevity Jordan has had.  Plus, You can’t really tell if people are into Yeezys because of the resell and/or exclusivity and hype, or if it’s because they actually like the sneaker. With Jordans, I can confidently say a lot of us sneakerheads love the sneakers for the sneakers.” 


4. On Feet?

Heskicks: “Blackout Ultra Boost that I customized.”


Kicksreason: “Nothing really, other than nice comfortable house slippers, Monday is working from home day!”


sismiley07: “Frye flats”


MisterHYPE: “In anticipation for my all red JCrossover 2’s (still available at Revolve….), I will have some colorway of JCrossover 2’s on today.”


dstrasner: “Kith “Just Us” slides”


TheGmoney041: “Ewing Focus in the Knicks colorway.”


bangobuck: “Supreme x Jordan 5″


dpetreeko: “Puma Blaze of Glory BAU “Eat what you Kill””


mofo_eskimo: “On feet today is 2015 UNC 1’s.” 


NJ_McGowan: “Jordan Pro Strong”


Joe Rodriguez: “LL Bean Boots”


708ChicagoSole: “Had to wear snow boots, we got like 10″ of snow”


pjeung: “Air Jordan 1 Shadow” 



Sneaker fire image via Sole Collector

Concepts x Nike SB Dunk High Premium “Ugly Christmas Sweater” image via Hypebeast

Kanye/MJ image via Pinterest

Nike Air Max 90 “Infrared” on feet image via our very own Mofo Eskimo

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