Auto-Lacing Sneakers From Puma Are Coming Soon! #Autodisc

All the talk about the auto lacing Air Mags in 2016 took over the internet last month, but this is becoming a functional reality with Puma, and rumored to release in 2016.  These auto lacing running sneakers shown by Usain Bolt in the video below show that Puma has been innovating some cool stuff.  More info on this to come.


puma8_nxnp9dpuma9_nxnp9n  puma7_nxnp96 puma6_nxnp8y puma5_nxnp8s puma4_nxnp8l puma3_nxnp8f puma_nxnp88 puma2_nxnpec puma10_nb3bwe


via Highsnobiety