Collective Thoughts October Edition

What’s going on Collectivekicks fam!? It’s time for another edition of Collective Thoughts!  This month we’re going over our holiday sneaker wishlists, the 2015 Doernbecher Collection, Sneaker YouTube videos, and ending it like we always do, what we have on feet!  Without further ado, let’s get right into this month’s topics!


1. With the holiday season right around the corner, if you had to narrow your 2015 holiday sneaker wishlist to 3 sneakers, what 3 sneakers would that be? 

Heskicks AKA “Oh You Know, Just Chilin’ With Tinker”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube,Twitter ,Instagram

“72-10s, maroon 6, black ovo 10 if they drop.”


Kicksreason AKA “Give Me Raw Materials, Or Give Me Death”, CK Writer. Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“That would be very hard choice…

1 – Packer/SNS Token 38 Shaq Attaq
2 – Nike Air Max Uptempo
3 – Nike Air Diamond Fury”


sismiley07 AKA “Ahjooma Rage”, CK Writer.Youtube,Instagram

“Yeezy Boost 350 (TD or new colorways), New Balance 998 ID and Nike Air Presto ID.” 


MisterHYPE AKA “I Swear This Tactical Bag Looked Good In Images…”, CK Writer.Twitter

“Three sneakers on my holiday wish list are the JCrossover 3, the Sneaker Freaker Puma Blaze of Glory “Bloodbath” and Nike Yeezy 2 Red Octobers, because, we can all wish for a Holiday miracle, right?”


dstrasner AKA “My Homies Rock Girl Bags”, CK Writer.  Instagram

” 1. Retro AIr Jordan 6 Maroon
2. Nike Air Cruz “Flax”
3. Air Jordan 1 High OG Black/White”


TheGmoney041 AKA “Bromance w/ RealRayRay20?”, CK Writer.  Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“something from BAIT, something from BAIT, and, drumroll please, something from BAIT.
And maybe if there is a dope Nike SB or Vans release, I’ll want that as well!”


bangobuck AKA “My Snapchat is Pretty Entertaining, Just Ask PJ” CK Writer. Twitter, Instagram

 “The CNCPTS “Mix and Match” pack is a really cool idea. 2. The Jordan 8 Aqua is a classic that would be sick to own. 3. The Black 750 Boosts look incredible and I’d love to have them.”


mofo_eskimo AKA “HTM? I See Your HTM And Raise You A MTM” CK Writer.YoutubeTwitter,Instagram

“The top 3 sneakers that I am looking forward to the most this holiday season is Maroon 6’s, 72-10 11’s & Cyber Monday 1’s. I’m still a little disappointed in how the aqua 8’s turned out.” 


NJ_McGowan AKA ”Let’s Go Mets” CK Writer. Twitter

“Still lots of shoes from previous years that I haven’t added to the collection. I would love to add the Reebok Answer 3, and while it was rumored to be released sometime this fall, there hasn’t been any news on that front. Still, I would to add the recent release of the: Melo 11, the Chicago only Hebru edition, the Air Penny 2 Copper Edition, and either the Columbia 11’s or the Lebron 11 “What The””


Joe Rodriguez AKA “I’ll Give You The Weather Forecast From Anywhere, Even From Football Practice”, CK Writer. Instagram

“Air Max Lunar90 SP Moon Landing, Navy Flyknit Mercurials,Grey Kobe 9 HTM”


708ChicagoSole AKA “Prayers Up For Josh’s Aunt’” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“I would honestly have to say my kicks wish list right now are the DB Air Max95 Captain America, Air max 95 Animal Pack, and AM 90 Duck Camo.”


pjeung AKA “Vachetta All Day” CK Writer.  Twitter,Instagram

“Hmmm, my list would be the Brandblack J Crossover 2 “Glacier”, the Li-Ning Way of Wade 3 “Code Red”, and the Bait x Fila 96 “The Next Chapter”.  Honorable mention goes to the Li-Ning Way of Wade 4 “Liberty” (sorry Kicksreason lol)”


2. So we got a pretty good look at this year’s Doernbecher Collection, which one is your favorite? 

Heskicks: “the Janoksis are def a fan fav with that reflective batman logo!”


Kicksreason: “None, all of them look hideous. Great noble idea, but I think Nike can do a much better job.”


sismiley07: “My spidey senses say the AM95. We have to remember that a child designed the shoe and will get the ultimate say with execution.”


MisterHYPE: “I really liked the Janoskis. Thought the 3M concept on those were the most creative, and one of the best uses of reflective material in a sneaker that I’ve seen for a while.”


dstranser: “The Doernbecher Collection is a great cause but this year’s sneakers look very ugly, the only ones that look kinda good are the Lebron’s.”


TheGmoney041: “Easily the Janoskis. I love the fact that, like Batman, the only DC character I like, there is so much hidden in that shoe. Plus I love Red/Black color ways!”


bangobuck: “My favorite would have to be the AM95. All the shoes are unique for sure, none look particularly wearable with my dress style. The kids did a great job though.”


mofo_eskimo: “My favorite sneaker in the 2015 Nike DB Collection has to be the Batman Janoski. When I first saw the pic of the hidden reflective batman logo it put a giant smile on my face from ear to ear. The Air Max 95’s come right behind in a very close second.”


NJ_McGowan: “In terms of the shoes, I kind lean towards the Air Max 95s. The transition of colors pairs nicely with the circuit board pattern that runs throughout the shoe. In terms of apparel, I NEED that purple Lebron shirt that pairs with 13s.”


Joe Rodriguez: “I’m gonna go with the Air Max 95s” 


708ChicagoSole: “I wasn’t really digging any of the DB’s this year. Until I seen the DB 12 that are going to be auctioned. The drawings on those look dope and its a good idea for nike to do the Jordan 12 for the 12th anniversary.” 


pjeung: “Probably the AM 90s and 95s.  Not really feeling the rest, although the Batman logo on the Janoskis is definitely a nice touch!”


3. What sneaker content do you enjoy most on YouTube, and what’s the main reason why you continue to watch those videos?

Heskicks: “don’t watch enough. But Kustoo, Foamer, and nightwing are always great” 


Kicksreason: “Well, what can I say, this one is really getting hard too. Normally I look for videos that provide interesting information, stories and history behind a models, something that I didn’t know before, vintage models reviews and videos that provide constructive information on the materials and performance, that being said, my list of channels I fallow are really shrinking down, I can say that other than DJ Hes and probably Nightwing every once in a while, I stopped watching other videos, they simply don’t provide what I want to see, I don’t care about fancy presentation and all that.”  


sismiley07: “I enjoy unboxings, reviews and on-feet vids. The vids should have some sort of direction and relevant information. I’m not a fan of straight up opinion vids.” 


MisterHYPE: “My favorite sneaker content are unboxing and performance videos. I love the individual personalities that I’ve grown to know and enjoy over time. Its like a mini vlog each time, which is something I find unique when it comes to sneaker unboxings. Performance videos are what got me hooked on YouTube, and plus, seeing guys like Bull1trc and Hes do their haul videos helps satiate that hunger and need to buy stuff.”


dstrasner: “I am not sure why but I love watching on feet-videos to shows I would never go out of my way to buy like supreme foamposites, just because I think its cool how different people have different taste in shoes and how to rock them.”


TheGmoney041: “anything by TheRealRayRay20,  But in all seriousness I like discussion videos mostly, only because in those we can actually see original thoughts and ideas, as well as real personality of the person making the video.”


bangobuck: “It’s really difficult to narrow it down to a specific type of content. I like Tblake a lot. I think it’s an age thing. I can relate to what he says and he has business sense to add in. I think unboxing videos are a dime a dozen and the conversational content is what works best. I love Yoanty’s sneaker check-in’s with all the guests. I like the sneaker conversations more than the GR unboxing videos.”


mofo_eskimo: “By far my favorite content on Youtube has to be the Nice Kicks Sneak Peek episodes because everytime I see a new episode I end up learning something new. It’s cool to see so many unique shoes that you rarely see anywhere else. I am also a huge fan of the Round Two VA Youtube channel. I find it all super entertaining, and I appreciate what the guys at Round Two are doing for the love of the sneaker community.” 


NJ_McGowan: “That’s tough. Some Youtubers are all about restorations which I enjoy, but I also dig sneaker trades and reviews. I do like however, the emphasis that more Youtubers are putting on apparel. I like that as a viewer I get to see the clothes close up and that I have the opportunity to purchase the clothes at a discount. Unboxings will always be my bread and butter.”


Joe Rodriguez: “I enjoy content that shows the excitement of the YouTuber when they first get a shoe in hand and then when they explain what they appreciate most about the shoe. Basically I just want to watch content that is “real” and not just buying a shoe for the hype behind it.”


708ChicagoSole: “I started watching the Yo Anty sneaker show and I like the concept on how he gives you the rundown all at once instead of trying to force 3-4 videos out of a few topics sweet idea.”


pjeung: “I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to YouTube sneaker videos.  I look for close up shots of the materials and craftsmanship, the person’s opinion on comfort/performance, and on foot shots if possible.  You give me any or all of those 3 things and I’m subscribing lol.”


4. On Feet?

Heskicks: “nothing, been sick camped up in the house!”


Kicksreason: “Sorry in the office today, Clarks business shoes.”


sismiley07: “Haven’t left the house yet, but I’ll be rockin’ and un-DSing the Yeezy Boost 350 PB at Disneyland!”


MisterHYPE: “I’ve got my good ol’ JCrossover 2 Glaciers on.”


TheGmoney041: “Saucony Grid 9000- “Navy”. Super comfy!”


bangobuck: “My Infrared AM90’s have turned into my beaters. I need to find another pair to stock.”


mofo_eskimo: “Today on feet I’m rocking a pair of the black Supreme x Nike SB GTS.”


dstrasner: “Flyknit Racer Oreo 2.0″


NJ_McGowan: “Nike LunarFly 306 Shanghai”


Joe Rodriguez: “Navy Clark Wallabees”


708ChicagoSole: “Celtic 1s from the 09′ DMP. 63 Points!”


pjeung: “Brandblack Force Vector “Natural””



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