Three words you thought you’d never hear: Dada is back! – Our first look at the Dada Spinners Retro


Many of us probably wish that the last time we saw Dada was in the Drake “No New Friends” music video. The Japanese company now, officially, has the last laugh.

Unknown to all of us, Dada footwear has continued it’s reign in Japan, with the Chris Webber signature sneaker, the CDUBBZ, still on sale on their website. Well, Twitter user @conkeror21 has given us a look at the Dada Spinner retro, a sneaker that choke artist former NBA player Latrell Sprewell donned during his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The sneakers feature a miniature car rim that spins each time your heel presses onto the ground. An all white colorway, with a black outsole and inner liner, makes for a clean look and accentuates the now out-of-style, chrome, spinning rim on the heel.

There’s no word on a release date, but for those of us who dare to admit any type of love for this sneaker can stay tuned to Dada’s Twitter account for any updates regarding this sneaker.