#FORGOTTEN FRIDAY Lebron 8 “Pre-Heat”

I remember it like it was yesterday, ” The Decision”, Lebron Jame’s nationally televised announcement on who he had signed with in the NBA free agency period of summer 2010. I was heading into seventh grade preparing for one of the most pivotal years ever for my primary school education(sounds funny I know), and Lebron was facing more criticism than ever for not having  championship ring despite all of his statistical achievements up to that point in his career. Famously the decision was made for him to take his talents to South Beach. It was a PR storm for Lebron, but a great chance to capitalize off of all the attention Lebron got that summer for Nike who decided that the first colorway of his Lebron 8 signature  model would be decked out in a Miami Vice theme for his new city. The shoe was fairly simple with its aqua-blue leather upper,clear soles, and the added accents of pink and black throughout the shoe-yet it still sold out immediately and went for a huge re-sell price tag. For a long time I hated Lebron because he was my Jordan, my idol and in my eyes not only did he abandon the Cavaliers, but all of his fans. Not only did I hate Lebron but as someone who was into kicks I hated the “Pre-Heat’s” because they were constantly associated with the kids of the Lebron era of the NBA and how we were somehow ruining the “sneaker game”, when to this day I have never resold a pair of sneakers-something older heads constantly criticized us about due to a perceived lack of passion all because I missed Jordan’s prime and kids my age cared more about flipping kicks than wearing them.Now five years later I am a senior in high school, and I like both Lebron and the “Pre-Heat’s”, yet the cycle has re-started with kids who will never really know how good Kobe Bryant was and they are flipping Yeezy 1’s older than them. This Friday was never about the sneakers it was about a kicks story,something I think we all at least have one of.



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