Collective Thoughts September Edition

What’s going on guys, Collectivekicks is back with another monthly installment of Collective Thoughts!  We have a nice range of topics this month, which should make for a pretty entertaining read, please enjoy!


1. Name a sneaker that has a retail or resale price too rich for your blood that you would love to add to your collection?

Heskicks AKA “Headed To Beantown”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube,Twitter ,Instagram

“Resale price, any of the BIN series. I missed out on them when they released, but I dont pay resale on sneakers in general, once released if I miss them I move on to the next 98% of the time.”



Kicksreason AKA “Walked Right By Mofo Eskimo And Didn’t Even Know”, CK Writer. Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“Nothing that I can think of, all the ones I wanted, I already have, maybe the upcoming Aqua Vlll.”



sismiley07 AKA “Turtle Doves Please”, CK Writer.Youtube,Instagram

“Common Projects. Simple, superb materials and quality. I hope I can grab a pair on sale.”


MisterHYPE AKA “Undetected Cops”, CK Writer.Twitter

“The Red October Yeezy 2. Hands down, a sneaker I want to have, but am not willing ever pay for, or finance for that matter.”


dstrasner AKA “Harden For MVP”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“I really wanted the Bape X Reebok Instapump Fury’s last summer(2014) and I underestimated how hard it would be and now resell price is above the 700’s for a pair in my size which I won’t ever pay.”


TheGmoney041 AKA “Costco Grinch”, CK Writer.  Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“There’s a million shoes out there, but if I had to choose one it would be the Nike SB Pushead 1s.”


bangobuck AKA “I Have A Crush On Belle” CK Writer. Twitter, Instagram

“The Freddy Krueger SB is a shoe I have loved since I first saw it. It’s a shame it costs so much because most likely I’ll never have it.”


dpetreeko AKA “Sneaker Squatter” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“This is tough there are so many kicks I would love to have but resell is so ridiculous…. #1 though would be the DB 5″s”


mofo_eskimo AKA “Kicksreason Walked Right By Me, Didn’t Even Know” CK Writer.YoutubeTwitter,Instagram

“Air Mags. I need those but would never pay those insane prices for a display shoe that isn’t even meant for wear. You can almost buy a brand new car with those resell prices!!!!”


NJ_McGowan AKA ”Classrooms Need Assigned Seating” CK Writer. Twitter

“Would love to add the either the DB Vs or the Fear Vs, but based off Flight Club prices I would need to shell out some serious cash.”


Joe Rodriguez AKA “Get Better Soon Joe!”, CK Writer. Instagram

“Brooks Brothers Alligator Wingtips (Retail $2,000)”


pjeung AKA “Ebayers Who Use Standard Post Shipping Suck” CK Writer.  Twitter, Instagram

“Jordan Bin 9s or 2s, the hypebeast in me is saying Yeezy 2 Plats tho lol” 


2. You’ve just finished shopping at the mall and you’re about to step outside to get to your vehicle parked in the parking lot but it’s raining really hard and not letting up any time soon. You look down and see that you are wearing sneakers with premium suede. What do you do?

Heskicks: “its Oregon, we plan ahead for rain and I usually rock foams lol. “


Kicksreason: “I have done that before, just take my shoes off and walk bear feet to my car, easy as that.” 


sismiley07: “See if the rain lets up in a few. If not, run for it and hope for the best. They’re just shoes!”


MisterHYPE: “I mean, if the mall is open for a bit longer, I could just go back in there and think some more about that pair of sneakers I’m on the fence about…”


dstrasner: “Easy. Take my shoes off, put them in a shopping bag and walk in socks. Just take the short term L.”


TheGmoney041:  “Go right back to shopping baby! Obviously fate wants me to keep looking so I will haha!”


bangobuck:  “I walk to my car. Good quality suede should be able to handle some rain.”


dpetreeko: “Simple I go back inside the mall till it slows down… I am in Jersey it never downpours longer then 20 minutes here!!!”


mofo_eskimo: “If I was with a friend I would ask them to go grab my car and pick me up at the front entrance lol. If I was by myself I would probably full out sprint to the car. Luckily our weather in Atlanta is very predictable so I can figure out the best days to wear suede kicks!” 


NJ_McGowan: “Since its raining really hard I would bolt for the car fast, sneaker will get ruined just from wearing it anyway over time so it’s not that big of a deal to me. Some pro tips if you care about the suede, first, check the weather before you leave the house, and second, make sure unlock the car before you get there to save time.”


Joe Rodriguez: “I would go back inside and buy a pair of slides or something close to that.”


pjeung:  “I hope this never happens to me.  But if it did.. I’d wait it out.  If the rain kept coming, I’d go barefoot and make a run for it in all honesty haha.” 



3. Is the “what the” concept a thing of the past? Or does it still have something left to offer?

Heskicks: “has something left, just needs to be executed better. Still waiting for a Nike SB High!”


Kicksreason: “Never liked that concept and to be honest don’t understand it, all of them are ugly to me and look like clown shoes, so if they will stay or go is all the same to me.”


sismiley07:  “I like the concept and still think there’s some life left in it. Probably need to find diff ways to market to keep the hype alive.” 


MisterHYPE: “The “What The” concept will always have something to offer. Seeing some of your favorite colorways mashed into one shoe is still really cool to me, and i’m sure it still is for a lot of other people. Yes, it’s a bit played out, but there’s still some life left in there…”


dstrasner: “The what the concept is for sure played out, not every nike signature model needs to get a “what the” colorway, it’s starting to get really corny.”


TheGmoney041: “The “What The” Concept is extremely played out and just needs to end immediately. That is, unless they finally make a “What The” Dunk High, and then I’m back on board the hype train!”


bangobuck: “It used to be really cool. The What The Dunks, What The Lebron’s (9 and 10’s) were really cool. The What The KD 4’s are crazy. All the recent ones have been pretty underwhelming.” 


dpetreeko: “Great question! To me it has to be dead already it has gotten ridiculous, however with that being said if the right shoe drops in the right colorway and they call it a “What If” it could be an issue in that case. I imagine a super clean Air Huarache and called it the “What IF” I would be chasing it all over!!!”


mofo_eskimo: “I will forever be a fan of the “What The” theme. Nike’s have such a rich heritage that I feel it could never get old to me. They have an insane amount of kicks in the archives to still bring back out. I just wish they would put the theme onto other older Nike’s instead of just the same old Nike basketball signature line also not be as limited. I’m crossing my fingers that we get a “What the” Dunk High in the future.”


NJ_McGowan: “I still kind of like the whole “what the” shoes. Just because some of the recent releases haven’t been great, doesn’t mean we should overlook the past releases. The “what the” lebron 11 is still a shoe I’m looking to add and while i might not be a big fan of the “what the” lebron 12, kd 7, or the kobe 9, I’ve got faith in Nike that they can turn it around.”  


Joe Rodriguez: “Personally do I think it’s overused? Yes, but if you like it then rock it. I believe that Nike could put that CW on hold for a couple years though but that’s just me.”


pjeung: “I really like the “what the” concept, but I don’t own any.  The concept is probably just a little too loud for me, although I must admit the “what the” Lebron 12s are definitely growing on me.” 


4. On Feet Today? 

Heskicks: “Shattered Backboard 1s!”


Kicksreason: “2008 Air Max ST retro.”


sismiley07: “AF1 Low iD”


MisterHYPE: “Brandblack J. Crossover II Oxblood!! If you’re not onto Brandblack yet, you’re seriously missing out…”


dstrasner: “Flyknit Racer 2.0 “Oreo””


TheGmoney041: “Because I am sick and stuck in doors, I am rocking my Lugz Slip-On Zoshos, a pair of shoes “gifted” to me by the great Asian Joe Evans.”


bangobuck: “Today I wore the Brookyn Projects SB Dunk Low.”


dpetreeko: “I am still in bed, fairly sick but can almost promise whenever I do get up it will be a Pure Boost day!”


mofo_eskimo: “On feet today is the “Greedy” Air Max 95’s. Decided to pull them out for the day after reading question 3. You see how I did that PJ? Lmao. “


NJ_McGowan: “Got to check the weather first…supposed to be cloudy with no chance of rain, but now I’m worried about ruining my suede, so improbably go with my New Balance 574 Vegas Edition.”


Joe Rodriguez: “Cole Haan Loafers”


pjeung: “Li-Ning Way of Wade 1 “305”” 




Nike Air Mag Image via Complex

Plastic Bags Over Shoes Image via Cookie Sound

Nike “What The” Lebron 12 Image via Sneaker Bar Detriot

Brandblack J Crossover 2 “Oxblood” On Feet Image via MisterHYPE








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