Collective Thoughts August Edition

Money, money, money, MONEY! It’s that time of month again and this month’s topics all have to do with sneakers and money, so without further ado, let’s get right into it!


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Topic #1: With retail price being $200 plus for each of these sneakers, if you had to choose between copping the Yeezy 350 boost, Supreme x Jordan 5, or the Jordan OVO 10s, which would you cop and why? 

Heskicks AKA “Two For Two on Yeezy Boosts”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube,Twitter ,Instagram

“Probably the Jordan OVO 10s. I love AJ5s, but the OVO 10s are too nice.”


Kicksreason AKA “Dee Brown Wore Omni Zone 2s!!!”, CK Writer. Youtube,Twitter,Instagram

“Passing on all of them, the price is not the only reason, I don’t like any of those shoes. But think about the rumors for next year every retro will be $220, I will be out of that game very fast, beasts can have them all.”


sismiley07 AKA “adidas App 4 Life”, CK Writer.Youtube,Instagram

“If the Jordan OVO 10s came in my size, I’d probably go with them. My 350 is staring at me though with a stink eye.”


MisterHYPE AKA “Cmon BB, Seed Me Already”, CK Writer.Twitter

 “I’d get the OVO 10’s, specifically the black pair. That ostrich panel, and the overall look of it… Nothing beats a good pair of black sneakers.”


dstrasner AKA “Back From Hiatus”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“If given the choice I would rather the White OVO 10’s because of the premium leather,stingray, and gold accents. Would be a great shoe without the Drake association.”


TheGmoney041 AKA “Hes, Please Read My Articles”, CK Writer.  Youtube, Twitter,Instagram

“I’ll go with Option D. (None of the Above) good sir! Or option E. (Two slept on Nike SB Dunks).

That said, if I am being forced to choose, I guess the OVO 10s because I do like off-white sneakers. The other two are just trash to me. The OVO 10s are still garbage, but it’s at least a quarter-step up from trash in my mind.”


708ChicagoSole AKA “No Yeezys No Problem’” CK Writer. Twitter,Instagram

“I want the OVO 10s because they look so clean and i can just imagine wearing them with some stonewash jeans or something an all white 10 is dope.”


bangobuck AKA “My Golf Cart Is On Fleek” CK Writer. Twitter, Instagram

“I like the Yeezy boosts the most. They seem to be the most wearable for how I dress. The Supreme 5s are cool and all but they’ll be impossible to get and they look kind of boring. The OVO 10’s would be a pure resell from me. I like them but they’ll fetch a pretty penny online. So in order I’d go Yeezy>Preme>OVO.”


dpetreeko AKA “Make Sure The Lobster Your Cooking Is Dead” CK Writer. Twitter, Instagram

“Out of this group if probably have to go OVO 10s just simply based off of looks alone IMO they are the cleanest looking pair and the best put together out of the 3…. “


mofo_eskimo AKA “PJ Was A Mighty Fine Host” CK Writer.YoutubeTwitter,Instagram

“I’m gonna pick OVO 10’s by a long shot! The colorway is very clean, the quality looks superb & I also like all the extras that come with the shoe. Drake is one of the best rappers in the game as well so I’ve been a huge fan of his work for a long time!”


NJ_McGowan AKA ”Back 2 School With 3 Suitcases Full Of Sneakers” CK Writer. Twitter

“I’m not really a huge fan of any of the shoes. But If I had to buy one then that would only mean I crossed over the infamous line that divides sneakerheads and resellers, so what shoe would net me the most profit?”


pjeung AKA “Has 2 More WoW Pickups On The Way” CK Writer.  Twitter, Instagram

“Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of any of them.  But, if I had to choose between the 3,  I’d probably go with OVO 10s, Yeezy Boosts, and Supreme 5s in that order. 


Topic #2: If you were the head of adidas basketball, would you have offered $200 million to James Harden? 

Heskicks : “I wouldn’t pay Harden 2 million, so adidas has their work cut out for them. Harden doesn’t have influence on sneakers, just ask Nike.”


Kicksreason: “I definitely would not, I just dont see him becoming a huge star, but maybe I am wrong. On the other side I see what Adidas are trying to do and the efforts they are putting out there to be relevant and competitive, so maybe in a long run that money will be well spent.”


sismiley07: “Sure! Haha. adidas is doing big things and they have the money to do it. James Harden is in his prime so I understand the strong offer.” 


MisterHYPE: “Most definitely. He’s comparable to T-Mac, a headlining superstar that has a solid following among fans. He’s marketable, since he’s a dynamic playmaker, and the people love athletes that are dynamic playmakers. Plus, he matches the unique styling of adidas, like Pharrell, Yohji Yamamoto and Jeremy Scott. There really isn’t a bad reason why, since that $200 million is spread over 10 years, too.”


dstrasner: “James Harden is my favorite player so I do think he is worth the 200 million dollar deal from Adidas, however I’m worried about all of the guards signed to adidas.”


TheGmoney041: “Unless you are getting LeBron, KD, or a player of that caliber and with that star power, no player is worth a $200 million contract. If anyone needs proof of that, just look at Dwight Howard’s signature shoe line with Adidas and see how badly that has worked out for them!”


708ChicagoSole: “No I wouldn’t offer that much to him especially if it ends up that his shoes start sitting on shelves… And wasn’t it reported that Kanye closed a 10 Million dollar deal with Adidas? #YEEZUS>HARDEN”


bangobuck: “$200 million is a crazy number for someone like James Harden. He may be an elite player but I don’t see his name being attached to an elite shoe that sells. Adidas is beefing up their basketball roster so I get it. But he got overpaid for sure.”


dpetreeko: “No, simply put for that kind of money I need an all world talent… Lebron, Kobe, Durant, etc. etc.”


mofo_eskimo: “No I wouldn’t of signed him. Especially not for 200 million. With that kind of money you can sign a big superstar that has proven himself. James harden is good and all, but he can’t be compared to the best in the game. He is injury prone plus is known to be a hot head on and off the court. For 200 million I would be going after a championship player who is at the top of his position in the NBA!”


NJ_McGowan:  “Its reached the point where Adidas has to throw money at these athletes. Even though Harden is a top 10 player and instantly becomes the best player on the Adidas roster, he is nowhere near Kevin Durant or Lebron James or Steph Curry. Adidas losing the NBA uniform deal will actually allow them to spend more money on players but it comes down too is style. Will Harden’s shoe line tail off like Dwight’s or will Adidas finally be able to bring us a shoe that works well on and off the court. If they make that shoe than 200 million will be fine. On a side note, don’t be too shocked if Paul George decides to jump ship once his deal is up, especially if Nike hands their next signature shoe to Anthony Davis.”


pjeung: “I’m not sure if he’s worth the $200 million, but it is what adidas had to do  to lure Harden away from Nike to adidas.  Derrick Rose is becoming too injury prone, so adidas really needs somebody to lead the way as far as their basketball division goes.  I’m sure they’re trying to emulate what Under Armour did with Steph Curry last year.  Only time will tell if they’re able to pull that off.” 


Topic #3: So, financing sneakers… your thoughts ? (can’t wait to see what kicksreason has to say about this one)

Heskicks: “Financing sneakers is stupid. If people can’t afford em, don’t buy em.” 


Kicksreason: “That must be one of the dumbest ideas I ever heart, is that where the sneaker culture ended up??? What is next, sneaker renting? I mean most of cats out there buy to flex and for those IG likes anyway, so why not just rent the damn shoe. I don’t see anyone on their right mind dropping several grands on a shoe that costed $20-30 to produce, that must be the most unreasonable move ever. Oh and I can’t wait for those kicks to start getting repossessed when they cant make the second payment and ruing their credit to the ground, it sure will make a good reality show. At the end it really makes me sad about the whole situation and that there are people out there that think this is good and will take “advantage” of that offer.” 


sismiley07: “More ppl being reported to collection companies. It’s a backwards way of thinking to finance sneakers. There’s a reason you’re not purchasing them for thousands.”


MisterHYPE: “For anything that makes your monthly payments equal to a lease for a new car, I really hope someone is there to knock some sense into that person. I don’t really see the benefit in this, mostly because you can buy sneakers at the cost of one monthly payment, and they’ll look just as good. To each his own, but it’s really not worth it, at all.”


dstranser: “Financing sneakers is one of the dumbest things ever, people are gonna have worse credit because of sneaker bills.”


TheGmoney041 (all-time longest CK Thoughts answer ever lol): “This might be one of the worst, and potentially destructive ideas I have seen ever in the sneaker world. On its face, financing sneakers is not a terrible idea, as it seems logical that when talking ultra-expensive kicks like say the “Paris” Dunks, to institute a payment plan rather than force someone to pay $10,000+ right then and there, as only the ultra-wealthy can then afford that pair of shoes. The problem lies in the fact this practice will now empower people who CANNOT afford these shoes to try and now buy these shoes through these monthly installments plans, plans that could carry up to a 30% interest rate. Essentially, these plans were created not for the people who can afford to buy these shoes with disposable income, but for the people who would have to strain to make these monthly payment. In other words, Flight Club is praying on the hype mindset of “I must have these” to force people into mortgaging their futures to afford a pair of shoes they know they should not, or could not under any sort of regular circumstances, afford to buy.

Now, I would be slightly more OK, although still extremely disturbed and pissed off, with these plans if they were based on a say a happy medium price between the resale price and the original release price, which would then equal out to either the resale value or just over the resale value. However, this system is based off Flight Club’s already insanely over-priced system. Flight Club, compared to any other consignment store, already has the most astronomical prices for many of their shoes, and with the help of sites such as Campless, has been exposed to charging at least 25% higher than resale averages on most their shoes. Paying another 10-30% interest on a shoe already overpriced is in my mind almost criminal in its exploitation of our culture, as they know that people who strike out on release day will pay absurd prices to be able to get the shoes they missed out on. With these instalment plans, people who cannot get the shoes they want on the resale market due to financial constraints can now afford them by selling their souls to Flight Club in the form of monthly payments. I already weep for the people who are going to use these plans to afford their shoes, as they are doing a deal with the devil in my eyes.”


708ChicagoSole: “Like T Blake said in a previous video he made this past week I think its more of a novelty than people actually using it & if you need to finance shoes you should re-think what you need to be spending money on…”  


bangobuck: “The whole Flightclub financing thing seems over blown. It’s no different than using a credit card for shoes and I’m sure plenty of people do that. Even I’ve used a credit card to avoid the upfront balance hit. I always pay my stuff in full every month though. I can see the benefits for some of the cheaper shoes but it’s a dangerous game to flirt with. I can see a lot of people relying too much on monthly payments.”


dpetreeko: “Perhaps the most foolish decision a sneaker head could make, financing anything that will only depreciate in value is crazy but for sneakers it’s just outright stupid…”


mofo_eskimo:  “Financing sneakers almost seems like a joke to me for many different reasons. First off there is tons more bigger priorities in life then sneakers. I feel like if you can’t afford them then you shouldn’t be buying them. Paying a crazy high resell price with interest for a sneaker that will take you years to pay off seems like not a smart decision, especially with how quick sneakers see a retro now a days. You will always have a chance to require them again or be able to get a good shoe to use as trade bait towards them. At the end of the day it’s just shoes which are a materialistic item. Invest your money into things that will pay off in the future” 


NJ_McGowan: “If you finance a sneaker you need to rethink your life, simple as that.”


pjeung: “Just no.  Priorities people… just think about what you are doing by financing sneakers.  It doesn’t make any sense no matter what perspective you look at it from.  It’s mind boggling.” 


On Feet?:

Heskicks: “New Balance 998 customs I made!”


kicksreason: “Reebok Pump Dual, costed me $60 and yes I financed it myself


sismiley07: “Sperry boat shoes.” 


MisterHYPE: “On feet, I’ve got on the Jordan 3 Infrared 23’s on!” 


dstrasner: “On feet Flyknit Racer 2.0 “Oreo”


TheGmoney041: Nike SB Zoom P-Rod 1 Retro. Just got a second pair due to the first pair being unwearable because P-Rod signed them, and it is easily one of the most comfy SBs I’ve ever worn!


708ChicagoSole: Free Run 5.0 


bangobuck: At work in the Red Asics GL3 from the puddle pack.


dpetreeko: “Pure Boost plain grey got a lot of walking around to do and need the comfortability!!!”


mofo_eskimo: On feet today I’m wearing Crimson 3’s. 


NJ_McGowan: Nike Free Run 5 (Black/Orange)


pjeung: Jordan 1 “Shadow/Soft Grey” 


Drake image via Sneaker Files

Yeezy 750 image via Flight Club

James Harden Cooking image via Houston Chronicle

adidas Ultra Boost on foot image via our very own Jennizerr/sismiley07

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