KB24 Store Website Relaunch on July 15th with a Prelude Pack Restock?

The KB24 store is relaunching on July 15th, and there may a partial restock of the Prelude pack.

The banner that is currently up on the site now simply states that there will be some new product featured, as well as “exclusive prelude packs”. Although only speculation at this point, the prospect of a second shot at any, if not all, of the prelude pack, would be a welcome chance for anyone who missed out on the original release back in 2013. However, considering how difficult it was to get a pair from the prelude pack in 2013, don’t expect things to be any easier this time around either.

If you’re like us, you will be constantly refreshing the KB24 website on July 15th, but any news or updates on this release, and any other information that comes out before then will definitely make it’s way onto Collective Kicks. Bookmark us and follow us on Twitter, to stay up-to-date with the latest on this and all other sneaker news.


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