#FORGOTTENFRIDAY Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum

Hey CK Fam I am back from my week vacation in Jamaica for another segment of the weekly Forgotten Friday throwback article and as you can see in the tittle this week’s piece is going to be on the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Pure Platinum which is my favorite shoe of all time. Unlike the Yeezy One which was released with little issue for anyone who seriously wanted a pair, the Yeezy 2 was one of the first to go through the release date shenanigans that would build hype as Nike and select retail accounts tried to figure out a safe way to release their stock. The Yeezy 2 itself was heavily influenced by Andre Agassi’s Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 and was designed to be sleeker and more luxurious than the Yeezy 1, and the designers at Nike helped him make the sneaker more upscale by making the shoe lower cut, using metal aglets, and also by implementing hand skinned anaconda. Even though the Solar Red Yeezy 2 is easily one of the most copied and beloved colorways, the Pure Platinum Yeezy 2’s are my favorite Yeezy and sneaker in general because of the 3M reflective mesh and the combinations of Wolf Grey and Pure Platinum on the upper. Green tinted glow in the dark soles and the splash of pink inside the shoe also provides a burst of color without doing too much. I am also a big history nerd so the Ancient Egyptian God Horus on the tongue of the sneaker and the hieroglyphics under the strap were also really cool additions to the shoe for me. In my opinion the Yeezy 2 was another one of the many great sneakers in 2012 to make the Sneaker World more mainstream as many people camped for days to secure a pair along with multi thousand dollar ebay listings which caught much News attention because of the links to Kanye. If this shoe was not attached to Kanye I still think it would still be one of Nike’s most popular sportswear models and is easily one of their best designs of this decade.

 Image Source : Nice Kicks

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