Another Week, Another Sunlight Station Raffle Drawing!

The good folks over at Sunlight Station have been consistently doing raffle drawings for quite some time now and this week is no different.  They’ve given away everything from sneakers (some serious heat at times, they’ve given away Jordan Slam Dunk 6s before) to store credit! (as high as $450 AUD)  Just follow their Instagram HERE, they always post the raffle drawing rules and prize information there. There are really only a few rules you need to follow in order to enter a raffle drawing correctly.

1.  Spend $50 AUD (approximately $37 US), for every $50 AUD spent, you receive an entry into the drawing.

2. You have to make your purchase during the dates that Sunlight Station sets.  Again, this info will always be located in their IG post. 

3. You must leave your IG handle/username is the order comment/instruction box so they can contact you if and when you win. 

This week’s drawing is for $300 AUD in store credit!  Again, the prizes and sometimes even the store credit amount changes for each drawing, so make sure you follow Sunlight Station HERE to ensure you stay informed! Good Luck!