Welcome back to this week’s edition of Forgotten Friday where I will be highlighting one of the most high sought after Nike SB’s. Many people may not know that the Nike Blazer originally was a Nike basketball sneaker released in 1972 and that over the years it became to mesh with skateboarding and street culture. Supreme is one of the most famous street-wear brands known for their iconic box logo, limited releases, and collaborations with various brands.  This specific collaboration was between Nike SB and Supreme, and it was released on April 21st, 2006  supposedly being influenced by the 80’s fashion scene in NYC. That theme of 1980’s fashion is seen through detailing such as the python swoosh, quilted leather upper, Gucci inspired back pattern, and the golden detailing on the back of the shoe. In addition this sneaker was released in white, red, and black colorways and was one of the many mid 2000’s sneaker releases from Nike with very nice materials and a legitimate story to the sneaker’s history. The black pair is one of my personal sneaker grails as it is hard to find even a lightly used pair for less than $700 which is crazy since most Nike SB Blazers can be found sitting on shelves at your local Nike retailer. None the less Nike and Supreme did not disappoint when they made this now classic sneaker nearly a decade ago.

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