#FORGOTTENFRIDAY Bape Roadsta “Pharell” Red/Blue

This Forgotten Friday is more unconventional than most when it comes to this week’s sneaker selection as it is a Bape Roadsta from a 2006 collaboration with Pharell Williams. For some background information , Bape was founded in 1993 by Japanese street-fashion icon , Nigo , who in the early stages of building his clothing brand became very close with Pharell Williams , who he also co-owns Billionaire’s Boys Club with. Besides becoming close friends and business partners, Pharell became very instrumental in helping Bape gain mass appeal over in the United States streetwear market, and thus has had many of his own Bape collaborations such as this one. The Bape Roadsta model has a very similar build to a Nike Air Force One , however it has the distinguishing Bape Star logo and a visible air unit much like an Air Max model. The upper is made up primarily of red leather, and additional hits of a metallic aqua blue, and a metallic pink which surround the shoe. A Pharell Williams head is stitched to the heel of the shoe , along with a smaller red Bape Star for further branding. Bape was and still is very much a niche brand which has had surges and declines in it’s own popularity throughout its relatively brief brand history, and I thought that because the brand is currently gaining much more hype and popularity that it would be nice to share some actual history to one of my personal favorite brands.

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