FILA Mashburn

We were hinted a long time a go last year that the first signature shoe for Jamal Mashburn from FILA will be receiving the retro treatment soon, but now we finally have a date for this release, April 10. For those that are remembering the model know that there is one big difference with the original one and that is the color combination on the midsole, the OG pair had Black midsole with a White signature graphic, now FILA has reversed the colors for some reason and not a lot of people approve this change, including myself, I really don’t see the reason behind that, it doesn’t look better and definitely will irritate the true fans that remember the models from the old days, oh and as always I dont expect a FILA 2A system in the heel, that the original one had.

fila-mb-jamal-mashburn-retro-11 fila-mb-jamal-mashburn-retro-21 fila-mb-jamal-mashburn-retro-31 fila-mb-jamal-mashburn-retro-41

Source – SN