Ok, so it has been a while since I have posted and for that I apologize to anyone who may look forward to my posts. Of course, also to Hes who has been awesome giving me this opportunity and actually become a friend. It is really hard when you are taking 5 classes full-time and working part-time and also trying to be a semi responsible person. In any event! I wanted to come up with a good original post, so here is what I have been thinking about…

Hypebeast – we all have heard it, know what it is and the implications it carries. In the sneaker culture, no one really wants to be identified as a hypebeast and for good reason; it’s basically like saying you have no originality and are just a total follower. That being said, we still all know, sad but true, that hypebeast, unlike the great Sasquatch do indeed exist. In fact, many of you probably know a few personally!

Now, I had to really think about this recently because I have caught myself making some moves and purchases that could potentially be seen as “hypebeast” maneuvers. I want to explain something that I think maybe some of you may experience, because I don’t think that the title should be that easy to earn and in some cases I think you have to be a part-time hypebeast and I will explain why.

Ok, so unless you are like super loaded or a trust fund kid, a sneaker habit is really expensive… like really, really expensive lol. For crying out loud, Hes had to even put himself on a “budget” and monitor his sneaker spending. With good reason too; sneaker costs continue to rise and more and more products continue to be produced. So, this is where being a “tactical” sneakerhead and being a “hypebeast “can get muddled. If sneaker A. is dropping or dropped for the sake of this story let’s say a really dope GR from New Balance that I really like, at or around the same time some collaboration shoe or a Jordan is also dropping. (Now this can apply and be altered so many ways here, even for me personally I am just trying to give a visual). This has happened to me so much lately, so I pass on the New Balance, even though I actually like it better, keep in mind I do like both shoes but the odds of me being able to score that NB at a later time are generally higher than me getting that collab or the Jordan. So I make the educated choice to get that shoe ASAP Rocky, to avoid paying a reseller but I pass on the NB I liked a little more. Now, technically this could look like a hypebeast move, yet I really don’t feel it is. I can only spend so much on kicks, and what I spend is already way to much so I have to be creative when spending my sneaker money because if I make the wrong choice today it may mean a pair I never get down the road.

So, basically, sometimes we have to be a temporary ”hypebeast” because the sneaker culture has evolved and is now more like a stock market. Kicks go up and down in price like crazy – what is re-selling for $500 today maybe as cheap as $250 a few weeks later and you don’t want the kicks you missed out on going through the roof to where you can never get them without paying a resellers ransom (I for one refuse to negotiate with reseller terrorist’s lol). Great example is the Jordan 1 Shadow; I slept on this shoe like a lot of people thinking, “I would get it later” “I’ll pay $200 if I had to” – I didn’t anticipate them going so high because I wasn’t following the “hype”. Sometimes, unless you have unlimited sneaker finances, you need to be a “hypebeast”…

PS The photo I used is actually from a movie about hypebeasts, lol I think? I am not sure, I know there is at least a trailer which is actually pretty funny so check it out when you get a chance!


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