The Expensive Nike Packs of 2014

Even though 2014 has passed I wanted to take a look back at Nike’s new strategy of releasing these very expensive packs. In some way the packs helped eliminate reselling since Nike was becoming the resellers by charging us 500$ plus tax for 2 shoes, in which only 1 of the shoes were highly sought after. I even saw several of these packs selling for way under retail months after the release. A lot of people that purchased these packs ended up selling the other half of the pack for way under retail just to help and cover some of their losses. Some people would disagree with me but I would much rather pay a higher premium to give me an easy shot at picking up the shoes, and not having to compare prices with resellers. I made a video showing all of the big packs that released in 2014 along with my opinions on them and you can check it below if you would like.

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