This is a topic that I’m asked constantly by people and specifically kids still in high school about how do I afford sneakers and how they can afford sneakers also so this is a list of things that I do and I  believe is a good solid way to pickup shoes you want.


know what you want to buy thru-out the year, plan out and know what is releasing and when. For example if you know you want the Bordeaux 7 later this year start saving so you don’t have to ask your parents for money or miss out on a shoe you really want.



This might seem kind of funny if you don’t have a job, but you should know how much you can get a month and how much you can save. An example is when I was in high school mom (Shout-Out Mom Dukes) would give me 25$ a week for lunch and she said I can save it and make my own lunch or I could use it for lunch. so I would save 25$ a week with translates to 100$ a month and I knew every 2 months I could get a Jordan retro, or whatever I wanted.


Remember when you would get money from someone and they said “don’t spend this all in the same place!” ITS TRUE! if you have $100 don’t spend all your money on something and then don’t have any money at all. its a good tip to learn and  a kid in high school and a good life tip also when you start having a steady income. Always make sure you save money for a rainy day!!

These are my 3 main tips of saving and buying shoes as a kid, or without a income!




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