For this article I wanted to do something different and something that can give back.

As followers of collectivekicks.com, you guys deserve every chance to get the kicks you desire!

In New Jersey (my home state), we are fortunate to still have some great local businesses.

It is my opinion that these local establishments make up the backbone of our communities and we must do everything we can to support them.

When it comes to Skate shops here in Jersey, look no further than Underground!

Underground Skate Shop, established by Mark Matthews, in 2010 in Nutley, New Jersey, a town with a rich history of hard working class people, and many of the proverbial “mom and pop shops.”

With hard work and a dedication to providing their customers with the highest level of service and integrity, they have expanded and now have two locations based in Northern New Jersey.

Make no mistake about it, at its heart and soul Underground is 100% a skate shop “owned and operated by skateboarders” however, these folks understand sneakers, and sneaker enthusiasts. There is no fancy way to explain it, they simply just get it.

They are an “authorized” Nike SB account holder, this I cannot stress enough as there seem to be more and more people selling Nike products but not as many authorized to do so. In addition, they also stock many other brands commonly associated with skating such as Adidas, Vans, and Supra.

Here is the best part, and why I felt compelled to do this article; they offer free shipping across the US! How awesome is that? I mean, how can you go wrong? If you have been seeking that SB Dunk or Janoski or whatever, here is another source for you that I can personally vouch for the authenticity and integrity of its owner and his amazing staff. They have sales and specials all the time, some really good in-store deals (tonight I scored the Send Help 2’s for $40!!!) for the local or neighboring customers. Of course they have all the skate gear you could ever need! One last thing they also have a full inventory of Jason Markk and of course, they have various clothing and accessories.

So I personally invite all of you to check out Underground Skate Shop online at ugwebstore.com and on Instagram @undergroundskateshop. Check them out, you will not be disappointed. Let’s support our local shops. I plan to do some more articles like this in the future and hope some of the other writers will do some on their local shops as well! Sneakerheads, as our own community we need to come together and share our resources. If doing this piece can spare any of you from buying just one pair of shoes beyond retail, then I have done my job!

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