#FORGOTTENFRIDAY Metallic Red Foamposite One

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and overall happy holidays where everyone had a chance to spend time with their loved ones. To keep the ball rolling into next year I chose a shoe much like the classic holiday movies on television using the iconic silhouette of the Nike Foamposite One in the Metallic Red colorway as it doesn’t hurt to close out the holiday season with a primarily red shoe. Also believe it or not we are coming up on its third anniversary of release in this upcoming February ,and it is still one of the most coveted foamposite colorways for its very simplistic yet attractive color pallet much like a “Bred” Jordan retro. Frankly their is not much to explain for the carbon fiber, translucent outsole, and foamposite one upper give it a mold-however its is the metallic red base and detailing that really boost this shoe over the top to many people. I remember wanting these badly when they came out but sadly I was not able to score a pair and resell prices at the time and to this day are quite a bit, but thankfully I was able to snag the second best thing to me in a pair of, “Cranberry” Half-Cent Penny’s. One day for sure I  will be able to add these to my collection as this shoe is “Grail Status” to me. Also I would like to thank all the CK readers as we head into 2015 which already looks very promising for the sneaker community for members young and old, and I hope you guys continue to support us as we work hard to improving material everyday. Again Happy Holidays. 

Images via KicksOnFire

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