Collective Thoughts December Edition

Collectivekicks is back with a brand spanking new episode of Collective Thoughts for December!!! For those of you new to the segment, 3 sneaker related questions are posed to our writers, they give their candid answers and also reveal what they have on feet as they are answering these questions!  It gives our readers a good chance to get to know each writer, and where they stand on certain sneaker-related topics.  It should be another fun read this month, as the answers given by our writers differ heavily on each topic! (we got a diverse group here folks!).  Please enjoy! (Sorry Hes, I stole one of your on foot shots!)

Topic 1: Pick 1, Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue or Air Jordan 11 “Pantone”

Heskicks AKA “88,888 subscribers and counting”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube, Twitter , Instagram

“Legend Blues, no contest!  Different name, but it’s still the Columbia 11s at heart!” 


Kicksreason AKA “C’mon FILA, you send Delz the GHill 3s but not me?”, CK Writer Youtube, Twitter, Instagram

“Can I say neither?” (Yes you can Kicksreason, yes you can lol)


Sismiley07 AKA “I got Royal 1s and you don’t”, CK Writer. Youtube, Instagram

“Pantone 11.  The tinted outsole on the Legend Blue looks off to me.  The OG Columbia is another story.”


MisterHYPE AKA “That Jordan Backpack with the 11 sole is fire doe”, CK Writer. Twitter

“Ahhh… Uhh neither?  But if i had to, the Pantone 11s.  I’ve always been a fan of all-over Carolina blue.”


theshoesgame AKA “Paul, I’m taking midterms, leave me alone”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“Pantones are better in my opinion, the soles are too blue on the legend blues for me.”


FBE_dstrasner AKA “Complex, can you hire a brotha?”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“Pantones, but I don’t like either very much.”


NickSzymanski AKA “Manski. Nick #2″, CK Writer. Instagram

“Legend blue, I love the Pantones and can’t wait to get the pack, but I’ve been waiting for the legend blues for a while.  I love the all white look with the blue sold, that’s definitely my style.”


koenigkicks AKA “Koenig, Nick #1″, CK Writer

“Legend blues.”


Joe Rodriguez AKA “I swear I’m still working on getting my YouTube channel back”, CK Writer. Instagram

“I can’t decide, I’ll just got with both!”


pjeung AKA “I need Shadow 1s, size 9.5 please”, CK Writer.  Twitter, Instagram

“Not interested in copping either, but if I had to choose between the 2, I’d go with the Pantones since I’ve never seen/had them before.  I had the Columbias in 2001, never really wore them much, don’t even know what I did with them, so, meh.”


Topic 2: Favorite Christmas themed sneaker of all time? 

Heskicks: “Probably the Xmas Dunk SBs, they are just clever, ugly sweater theme sneaker done right!”


Kicksreason: “I don’t have one”


Sismiley: “I’ll have to say the Concepts Ugly Sweater SB.  It looks ridiculous but sick at the same time.  I also have the black colorway which I’ll be rocking on Christmas at the Clippers vs. Warriors game! 


misterHYPE: ” The nightmare series by Adidas, particularly the nightmare Drose 3s… That shimmery purple and silver upper patterning and the slow in the dark was by far my favorite Christmas themed sneaker.”


theshoesgame: “My favorite Christmas themed sneaker is the Kobe 6 Grinch, because the colorway is just dope and it’s a favorite of  many.”


FBE_dstrasner: “Ugly Sweater SBs in the white, because they make the ugly sweaters look good.”


NickSzymanski: “I would have to say the Lebron 8’s Christmas just because I love the Lebron 8s, and Nike did a good job creating a nice holiday shoe, without getting crazy and mking a shoe that can only be worn around the holidays.”


koenigkicks: “Ray Allen 10 PE.”


Joe Rodriguez: “The unreleased Kobe 8 Grinch and I like this colroway on the Kobe 8 because it is unique and intriguing.”


pjeung: “I was going to say the Way of Wade 2 Christmas, being that I’m a pretty big Li-Ning supporter, but I’m going to have to go with the Ray Allen Jordan 18s, Christmas Edition.  The red suede on those things, even in pictures just looks ridiculous!!!”


Topic 3: Your 2015 sneakerhead New Year’s Resolution?

Heskicks: “Try to cut down and not buy so many sneakers, become more selective…somehow.”


Kicksreason: “Try to slow down on buying kicks.”


Sismiley07: “Not making any specific New Year’s resolutions because I know I’ll break them at some point, haha! Just going to try and be a conscious/smart spender when it comes to kicks”


misterHYPE: “Quality over quantity.  Not just material quality, but sneakers that either meant something to me in the past, or have a good story/idea/theme behind them.”


theshoesgame: “My 2015 sneakerhead New Year’s resolution is that I will expand to more brands such as New Balance and Asics instead of just Nike and Jordan.”


FBE_dstrasner: “I will buy at least 1 off brand shoe (Asics, Saucony, etc)


NickSzymanski: “I think my 2015 sneakerhead resolution is to just expand my taste, and not to just stick to what I’ve always gotten in the past.  For example, I’ve been eyeing those ZX Flux’s for a while, but I’m not an Adidas guy, so I might give those a try.”


koenigkicks: “Diversify my collection more.”


Joe Rodriguez: “To restore the image of a sneaker collecting to my friends, as many of them think it’s a “thug” hobby.”


pjeung: “Really make a conscious effort to cut down on Jordans. (pricing getting out of hand)  Really want to expand my shoe game a bit and try other basketball brands like Brandblack, Peak, Anta, etc.  Maybe even a RF runner or two (lol probably not).”


On Feet?

Heskicks: “CDP Bred 11s, hoping the sneaker gods see my feeble attempt at rocking my AJ 11s this week in hopes to improve my chances to win a raffle on the Legend Blue 11s!” (UPDATE!!! On 12/18/14, Hes did get a call back and won a raffle for the Legend Blues! Congrats bro, the sneaker gods were with you)

Kicksreason: “Reebok Pump D-Time”


Sismiley07: “Jordan 1 Royal” (it’s okay to cry a little bit, Paul)


misterHYPE: “Jordan CDP 18s”


theshoesgame: “Jordan Gamma 12s”


FBE_dstrasner: “Adidas Top Ten Hi”


NickSzymanski: “02 OG College Blue 17s”


koenigkicks: “Asics Gel Saga Grand Opening”


Joe Rodriguez: “Gamma Blue 11s”


pjeung: “Li-Ning Way of Wade 2.0 Warrior”


*I’d like to take a quick second to wish all of our supporters a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Collectivekicks will be back stronger and better than ever in 2015!!!  We have a few new writers Hes has added to the roster, and I’ll make sure to include them on Collective Thoughts January, where I’m pretty sure we’ll cover this “Jordan Remastered” nonsense =).  See you in 2015 CK Fam!!!






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