#FORGOTTENFRIDAYS Black Infrared 6 2000 Release

With the highly anticipated release of the black infrared 6’s today on Black Friday, I wanted to do a bit of a flashback to the last Black infrared Jordan 6 which received the “Nike Air” treatment many sneakerheads and hypebeast alike clamor for. Outside of a different upper shape and lack of reflective under panel these 2000 retroes very much resemble the original 1991 Black infrared’s. At the time quality was also not yet a problem and many people who have treated them right still have their pairs in working condition. Another somewhat controversial difference is the variation of infrared hues from the deeper red pictured and the more pink-infrared mixture used in the 2014 release. Nonetheless the the Black Infrared’s will most likely remain grail status kicks to many people and are sure to sell out despite lacking the same red or Nike Air stitching on the heel. Personally I like how Jordan brand brought back the 3m/reflective under panels much like the original sneakers from 1991 , and that the change in the infrared color has been greatly exaggerated by Jordan purist.The buttery nubuck is really the most beautiful part of the shoe and what makes it so sought after in addition to the nostalgia of Michael Jordan winning his first ring in them.

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which is a miracle for any Jordan over a decade old.

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