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Welcome to a brand spankin’ new segment on Collective Kicks!  This will be a monthly segment that covers 3 current sneaker related topics by our vast array of writers from all over the country!  They will give their own opinion on these topics and also will reveal what they had on feet the day they gave their responses to the 3 topics.  Some responses were short and sweet, while others were long and elaborate.  Please enjoy what our writers have to say, subscribe if you’d like to their various social media (links included) and see which ones you agree with and maybe even ones you don’t agree with!  Let us know how you feel in the comment section below, now without further ado…

Topic 1: Air Jordan Black Infrared 6s

Heskicks AKA “The Boss”, Owner of CollectiveKicks.  Youtube, Twitter , Instagram

“These are a must have for me! One of the OG colorways I have always wanted and never owned.  Double up for sure!”


Kicksreason AKA “Mr. Reebok”, CK Writer Youtube, Twitter, Instagram

“Best retro Jordan for 2014 maybe?”


Sismiley07 AKA “Best GS YouTube Sneaker Channel Period”, CK Writer. Youtube, Instagram

“I really like the colorway, but the high rise tongue turns me off.  Passing on these and pretty much all 6s.”


MisterHYPE AKA “I love Jordan Dub Zeros”, CK Writer. Twitter

“Very available, glad that the distribution and from initial previews, there’s going to be a large amount of them produced.  I’m just glad that whoever wants a pair will be able to have one and hopefully this is the trend moving forward. If I can walk into a store on the day of release and buy them, maybe I’ll cop.  Trying to buy them online is going to be impossible.   I do have a finishline reward coming up so we will see!”


theshoesgame AKA “I almost have more Instagram followers than hes”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“It is the year of the 6s and  I think this is one of the better ones along with the Infrared 23 pair.  Seeing early pictures it looks like the quality is going to be good.  I’ve seen the Footlocker release locations and wow, these look to be a super GR! I will not be copping a pair for myself but it seems like if you want them it should not be that hard.  A for resell, seeing that these are a super GR, I do not think it will be that high, but since this is a classic shoe and an OG colorway you never know! “


FBE_dstrasner AKA “NY Collectivekicks Inside Source”, CK Writer.  Instagram

“I don’t love the 6s, but I will get them because I can’t afford the previous ones.  The 3M is also cool, nice  to see it go back to semi OG form.”


NickSzymanski AKA “Manski. Nick #2″, CK Writer. Instagram

“I think the black infrared 6s are a great shoe and preview of what JB has to offer in terms of stepping up the quality with future releases.  I’ve held the shoe in my hand and it reminded me why I got into sneakers, you don’t find that often.”


gville_kicks AKA “Koenig, Nick #1″, CK Writer

“Well, I think they’re going to be a hot item, and I don’t blame people.  I’s an amazing, classic colorway and it’s going to bring back a lot of memories and have a lot of sentimental value for people.  I’m not copping though, need to save the guap for the Ronnie Fieg Black Friday releases!”


DMV_Joe AKA “My YouTube Channel Will Be Back Soon”, CK Writer. Instagram

“Hype, Chaos, Black Friday.  I’m 15 and broke so will more than likely not be copping a pair!”


pjeung AKA “paid resell for Slam Dunk 6s and isn’t happy about it”, CK Writer.  Twitter, Instagram

“Picked up Carmines, paid resell for Slam Dunks… so I thought i was done with 6s… but now the black infrareds reel me back in.  Such an iconic shoe.  Reminds me of Jordan switching hands against the Lakers in the Finals, tip-toeing the sideline after a steal and then the jam against the Lakers in the Finals, crossing over Byron Scott and dunking on Sam Perkins in the Finals.. all in these kicks.  The good old days.  Must cop for sure!”


Topic #2: Joggers

Hes: “Remind me of pajamas… But make sneakers look better.”


Kicksreason: ” I love them.”


SIsmiley07: ” The fashion world is always evolving and there are plenty of pieces that people either hate or love.  Joggers definitely fall in that category.  I like them, but I think they’re a fad right now and will eventually die out.  


misterHYPE: “I like the way they look!  They weren’t made for people with normal bodies like me though.  I’ll stick with my Nike AW77 cuffed sweats, they work for me.”


theshoesgame: “You either love them or hate them.  Many have mixed opinions, I like them, if you wear them with the right clothes and shoes they look fresh!  Others think they are flat out ugly and have no idea why people even wear them.  Many oftn associate joggers with the sneakerhead community which is mainly where you can find them.  They have a big price range , anywhere from $15-$200.  Now i’m sure there is a huge difference in quality difference, but I really don’t care as long as you wear what you like.  I own 2 pairs and love them.  When you wear them with a fresh pair of shoes and matching shirt, you’re good in my opinion!”


FBE_dstrasner: “I’ve been wearing joggers since my freshman year and I’m a junior now”


NickSzymanski: “I”m wearing some cuffed sweatpants right now.  I think joggers are a trend, some people can pull them off some people can’t.  I don’t own any actually jogger pants, they just aren’t my style, but overall I think they look great if worn with the right outfit and matches the person’s style!”


gville_kicks: “Man I love joggers.  So comfortable and the cuff at the bottom really gives a shoe all the attention without the top being covered or anything.  Very versatile too!”


DMV_Joe: “Amazing!  I have like 5 pairs, very beneficial to the sneaker world as now you don’t have to make all those weird cuffs on your pants.”


pjeung: “Hated them at first, then kind of like the way they looked.  Tried a pair on I looked absolutely ridiculous in them.  Hate them again lol.  I draw the line at cuffed sweats, and I’m also physically incapable of putting on a pair of tech fleeces, so I’m talking normal cuffed sweats.”


Topics 3: Ronny Fieg/Runner Trend

Hes:  “Cool, but could become over-saturated.”


Kicksreason: “Don’t care.”


SIsmiley07: “I think it’s great Ronnie is pumping out runner collabs like crazy.  That doesn’t mean I like all of his collabs, but it’s nice to have variety.  The runner trend is going strong now and I think it’ll continue for a while.”


MisterHYPE: “Ronnie getting a little is repetitive.  He uses either the monotone color with mixed materials look, or the solid color toe box with mixed  materials with a different color on the rest of the upper look.  I don’t think it’s played out, but I know there’s a lot of people who do.  I think runners are here to stay.  There’s so much versatility with them since you can wear them any season with shorts, pants, jeans, joggers, sweats, and even capris (if you’re into that kind of thing).  Plus, the price point of runners and even some collabs are cheaper than Jordan retros and/or performance basketball shoes.”


theshoesgame: “Not to familiar with Ronnie Fieg, just now the resell on any of his shoes are over $300.  In my opinion he is overhyped, but it’s the same thing with any other ig name or brand (ex. Supreme).  I’ve seen a couple of his collab runners, they are dope, but I don’t really get the hype.  There are only a couple colorways I’d cop myself if I was able to them for retail.  I can see why people are avid collectors of his collaborations though.”


FBE_dstrasner: “Well, as a young person living in NYC I have a man crush on Ronnie.  He’s from my borough and I love Kith, with the exception of those 9/11 inspired Adidas kicks, which had a positive concept, but I think he did it all wrong.” 


NickSzymanski: “Ronnie Fieg has had some nice colalbs, but I’ll take a regular pair of lunarglides over some Fieg collabs.  I think he is overrated.”


gville_kicks: “I love Ronnie and all of his work.  He’s really one of the front runners leading the way in this new trend and it’s worked on me for sure.   I think runners are a great thing because they can be worn anytime with anything and I love that companies with runners do collabs with stores/designers because with the shoe comes a story or meaning.  One of my favs is the Adidas x Kith NYPD ones because of 9/11 and all.  


DMV_Joe: ” Runners are a whole new part of the sneaker world.  I see them staying and becoming a staple in the sneaker community.  I enjoy them because you can dress to impress (haha) with these qaulity kicks!”


pjeung: “I’m good with my air maxes.  I like some of Ronnie Fieg’s stuff, but there are so many other runners (Asics, NB, etc) without the RF connection that can be copped for cheap and easy.  If i do go the runner route some day, i’ll start with those over any of the overhyped collabs.” 


On Feet? 

Hes: Adidas Rocket Boost


Kicksreason: Fila 96 Low (Grant Hill 2s)


SIsmiley07: Vans Authentic 


misterHYPE: Saucony Jazz Originals (grey and red)


theshoesgame: Nike SB Janoski (navy and white)


FBE_dstranser: Air Jordan Laney 5


NickSzymanski: Nike Lunarglide 5


gville_kicks: Sperry boat shoes (brown and gum)


DMV_Joe: Wheat Timberlands 


pjeung: Air Jordan 1 RTTG Vegas


We all hope you enjoyed this month’s Collective Thoughts!  Again, please leave your comments in the comments section below or reply back to Hes’ automated tweet when this segment goes live!  It’s always nice to hear different perspectives on current sneaker topics.  We will be back next month with 3 new topics and of course what all the writers had on feet at the time.  Thanks again all your support CK fam, we really appreciate it!







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