#FORGOTTENFRIDAY Reebok Pump Omni Lite “Dee Brown”

Originally released in 1991 this shoe was made popular when Dee Brown won the 1991 NBA Dunk Contest and is by far one of the more popular recent Reebok retros. Specifically this Black colorway of the shoe has been dubbed the “Dee Brown” because of the aforementioned dunk contest where he won while playing in the shoe However it should be noted the retro forms of the shoe actually  a lower cut version as the “omni Lite” never existed in the 90’s.Featuring the signature Reebok Pump tongue that was apart of the 90’s basketball sneaker craze by Reebok, the shoe also features Reebok’s hexalite cushioning system in the heel. The upper is mostly black tumbled leather featuring some smooth black leather on the toe box and tongue. On the tongue is also white Reebok Basketball branding and white is also implemented on pieces of the heel,mid-sole, and upper. The sole is a traditional solid  grey rubber with hints of orange for a hint of color and plays well off the predominantly black upper.  Despite releasing in June of 2o13 this shoe can still be found online or at certain retailers at a discounted rate, which in my opinion is a steal for the impact it had at least on the Eastern basketball culture of the 90’s.  In addition from my experience of casually wearing Reebok retroes such as the Questions or Kamikaze’s -Hexalite has proven to be a very comfortable cushioning setup vs other retro sneakers of other brands which may be more popular but not as comfortable.  This shoe may have been forgotten because of the greatness of its era but that it is not to say it was bad, many rappers and others alike have taken up the shoe giving it a second life in the present day. I am pumped up to write these articles every week, and this shoe in particular I truly believe deserves more shine.

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.” reebok-pump-omni-light-og-2 reebok-pump-omni-light-og-1 reebok-pump-omni-light-og-3

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