Peas And Carrots Valentine’s Day Collection!

Today February 10th, Peas And Carrots released a Valentine’s Day collection that was available for purchase at 12:00 p.m PST. They also guaranteed that if the item was purchased today, it would be delivered by Valentine’s Day. The collection consisted of  a hoodie, beanie, long-sleeved shirt and a t-shirt. All items have a consistent theme of hearts and everything Valentine’s Day related. They did a great job of putting small details on the items and not over doing it. As a consumer, I appreciate little intricate details because it enhances the product and can determine whether I buy the product or just like it.

Beanie : $28.00

Long Sleeve : $48.00

Hoodie : $78.00

T-Shirt : $36.00




Source : Peas And Carrots

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